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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 697: Reasons

Ernest rubbed her hair. Suddenly, his handsome face approached her. He spoke while exhaling hot air into her ear, “I like it when you are jealous. ” Then she heard his delightful laughter. It was like an electric current, which shocked her heart directly. Florence’s heart skipped a beat and hammered. She couldn’t help blushing. Feeling annoyed and shy, she pushed him away, “I’m not talking to you about this. Don’t try to distract my attention!” She wondered if he was seducing her with his beauty so she could forget this matter. She wouldn’t let him succeed. Ernest was forced to take a step back. Instead of becoming angry, he looked at Florence tenderly. He explained patiently, “Magnolia Liliiflora is also an important treasure in Raflad. If we want to get it, we must use some tricks. I’m an outsider, and I can’t get in touch with the upper-class level. Andrew recommended me to the palace and I’m applying for the position of the diplomat. However, some accident happened during the process. ” “What kind of accident?” Florence asked immediately. Upon hearing her question, Ernest creased his brows. His face became darkened. After several seconds, he squeezed a few words between his teeth in a solemn tone, “The princess has a crush on me. ” Florence’s mouth corners twitched. Sure enough, the man’s handsome face attracted the princess. She felt quite uneasy. Right now, Ernest needed to work in the palace and apply for the diplomat position. The princess was a superior icon in the palace. Probably he would be threatened. Before achieving his goal, he wouldn’t offend the princess easily. Besides, it seemed that the princess was quite short-tempered. Florence wondered if she would force Ernest to sleep with her. “Don’t look at me like this. I promise nothing would go wrong between her and me. ” Ernest’s temples popped. His tone was quite affirmative. The current situation was pretty tough indeed, but he would never do anything to betray Florence. Of course, Florence trusted Ernest. However, this situation made her feel so depressed and uneasy. She was quite clear that one must adjust himself to the actual situation when in another person’s territory. Even Ernest didn’t have the intention, but the princess had a crush on him, she would take the initiative and make requirements. For keeping the relationship on the surface, Ernest had to connive her and force himself. For example, even he was unwilling, he had to go to the palace and have lunch with the princess. For example, Ernest and she were lovers, but they could only claim that they were brother and sister

Hence, she couldn’t do anything. “Besides, Mr. Hawkins is always cold and aloof

. He has hardly spoken to the princess. ” Florence completely understood. It seemed the princess had a crush on Ernest, so she took all kinds of opportunities to talk to Ernest. However, with the third wheel and Ernest’s character, the enthusiastic princess couldn’t do anything. At the most, she could only gaze at Ernest obsessively, just like other women. Ernest looked annoyed. He was sickened to comfort the princess by declaring that he was single to the public. He said solemnly, “The good news that Mr. Carlton mentioned should be that I’ve selected by Foreign Ministry. The princess might have stopped the messenger and instead, she asked me to go to the palace as she wanted to tell me personally. “I’ll be right back. As long as I can work for Foreign Ministry, I can manage to get into the foreign affairs database so that I will find the exact location of Magnolia Liliiflora. “Then, we can leave here,” Ernest spoke a lot of words and explained the details to Florence, which was his guarantee as well. He didn’t plan to tell Florence about the princess’s matter, because the princess was an unimportant but annoying person. He could deal with it himself. After getting Magnolia Liliiflora, he would leave with Florence. Now, Florence got to know it. He was afraid that she would be quite angry. Looking at Ernest’s serious face, Florence didn’t feel jealous or unhappy any longer. Instead, she felt so sorry for him. She knew how to trust him. She also knew Ernest’s attitude towards other women. He had been tolerant of the princess’s pursue. She was afraid that he felt tortured even speaking to the princess. She could imagine how cold his face would be. He had been so tolerant to achieve his goal, so she couldn’t keep being jealous, making a fuss, or bothering him. Florence pulled Ernest’s hand, pretending to be angry. She said solemnly, “No matter what happens, you can’t be with that princess alone, and nor can you have any physical touch with her. Otherwise, I’ll be very mad. ”Her faking anger softened Ernest’s heart like the spring water. He knew that she wanted to thaw the atmosphere by saying that purposely. Then he would be more relaxed. Stroking her hair gently, he nodded with a serious look, “I promise you. ”Seeing that Ernest had explained everything to Florence clearly, Andrew finally could let his heart jump back to his chest. Originally, Ernest wanted to refuse the princess’ pursue. Andrew interrupted him and told the princess that Ernest was still single. He decided to do it all by himself and had to spend a long time convincing Ernest. Fortunately, Florence didn’t misunderstand or mind.