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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 244: Reject? No Way

Timothy showed up from nowhere. Standing behind Ernest, he gingerly suggested, “Mr. Hawkins, shall we go for dinner in the restaurant of the hotel as well?” He guessed that they could share the table with Florence. Ernest emanated a colder aura. Pressing his thin lips, he didn’t answer but his implication was quite obvious. He wouldn’t go. Timothy wiped off the cold sweat that oozed on his forehead in fear, and he felt so worried. Mr. Hawkins deliberately scheduled a whole afternoon to come here and accompany Florence to read because he wanted to make up for their relationship. It seemed it had worked. Timothy wondered why Ernest wouldn’t continue the triumphant pursuit. After reading the books together, if he had dinner with her together as well, they would be satisfied both physically and mentally. Then it would be easy for them to reconcile. Timothy couldn’t help being curious. He was also afraid that Mr. Hawkins took the wrong step based on his temper. He bit the bullet and added under the cold aura emanated by Ernest, “Mr. Hawkins, have you given up on making up to Ms. Fraser?” Giving up? Ernest’s sexy thin lips were pressed into a disdainful arc. This phrase never existed in his dictionary. It was more impossible for him to give up on Florence. He stood up and straightened his suit jacket. “Don’t rush. Take it easy. ” If he sought quick success and instant benefits, she would be scared away. In that case, he would slow down and take it easy, although he wished that he could skin Reynold alive, roll him into a ball, and kick him away from Florence. “Send all the books we were reading just now to my room,” said Ernest. Then he strode out of the room elegantly. He had a determined look of the certainty to win on his handsome face. After dinner, Florence originally planned to go back to the mini-library and continue to read. However, when she arrived there, she found the door of the mini-library was locked. It wasn’t until then did she know that all materials in the mini-library were quite valuable and the open time was limited. There was no service at night. She had to go back to her suite in disappointment. She came to Riverside City for business and study, so she was not too busy or idle. At least, she could have a rest tonight. After taking a shower and doing a facial mask, Florence was lying on the bed. She was about to watch a movie but heard a knock on her door

She wanted him to wait outside. Glaring at him in depression, she disdained what he had done. This was her room, but how could he behave as if it was his? As if he had noticed her hateful glare, Ernest took a sip of the wine, turned to look at her, and smiled faintly

. “Have you changed your mind? Do you want to talk with me like this?” Like this? What did he mean? With the black mask on her face? Florence suddenly blushed again, feeling her cheeks burning. In a hurry, she turned around and trotted into the bathroom. Looking at Florence’s receding figure, Ernest curled up his lips a bit and took another sip of the wine happily. It was far easier for him to get into her room than he had imagined. Florence quickly washed the black facial mask off and tidied herself. She suddenly paused, wondering why on earth she would carefully tidy herself up in Ernest’s presence. Upon realizing it, she almost went nuts. Florence scratched her hair, feeling that the original beautiful and cozy night had become chaotic under Ernest’s sudden visit. She must drive him away as soon as possible. Calming herself down, Florence walked out of the bathroom, only to find that Ernest was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. He looked noble, as elegant as a prince coming out of an oil painting. He was too attractive that Florence almost lost her mind again. After being in a daze slightly, Florence came back to her senses quickly. She walked to the sofa and stood there. From afar, she looked at Ernest and asked, “Mr. Hawkins, what can I do for you?”She went straight to the point. Ernest looked at her, reaching out to hand her another glass of wine. “Take a seat, please. ”Did he mean to talk while drinking wine after sitting down? She wondered if he planned to have a long talk with her until the second half of the night. Florence stood motionlessly with a polite denial on her face. “I’m sorry but I don’t drink at night. ”“Really? A new habit?”Ernest had an implicating smile on his face. His stare made Florence feel a sense of guilt. She indeed had made an excuse casually. She looked away and took the chance to change the subject. “Mr. Hawkins, what can I do for you?” She implied that he should stop talking nonsense and wasting her time. He put down the goblet and pointed at the paper bag in front of him. “It’s for you. ”For her? What was it?Florence looked over at that paper bag in confusion. However, no matter what was inside, she had decided to draw a clear distinction with Ernest, she should reject it. “I’m afraid I can’t. ”“I just happened to deliver it to you by the way,” Ernest interrupted her words indifferently. Upon hearing his words, Florence couldn’t reject him anymore