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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 553: Removal

This device looked exactly the same as a normal bomb. However, if they removed it according to the method to remove a normal bomb, no matter which wire they would cut off, the bomb would explode. Stanford had thought that it was a normal water balance device just now because he was quite nervous. If Ernest cut off only one wire just now, they had already died. Thinking of that, Stanford felt a bit fearful and lucky as if he had just returned from Hell. “It’s not the time for us to relax completely. Mr. Fraser, please get me a set of bomb removal tools,” requested Ernest. Since Stanford had recognized the device, he also knew the correct step of removing the bomb. For the last step, Ernest had to take off the water balance device from the bomb. Before taking it off, the bomb couldn’t be moved at all. Otherwise, the counter would continue to count and speed up the time. In that case, they wouldn’t be able to go on removing it. The bomb would surely explode. “Hold on. I’ll get you the tools right away. ” As he spoke, Stanford rushed out in a hurry. Knowing that the bomb wouldn’t explode anymore, Florence finally breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the man who was kneeling in front of her on one knee, she felt quite sorry for him. He kept such a posture from the very beginning without evening moving his fingers. Only God knew how sore his arms were now. Earlier, he also took Benjamin’s drug and his health was still a concern. Right now, Florence could see he looked haggard and his face was pale. He still had oozed sweat beads on his forehead. Feeling quite concerned, Florence asked, “Are you all right?” “I’m fine. Just hold on for a while. The bomb will be removed soon,” instead of paying attention to his own condition, Ernest comforted Florence gently. His eyes were full of tenderness, and she was almost drowned in the pools of his eyes. Florence looked at him in a daze, her heart hammering. She felt that she must be the happiest woman in this world. Gritting her teeth, she whispered to ask, “Just now, if the bombe exploded, did you plan to die with me together?” “Yes,” he answered without any hesitation. Ernest looked persistent and determined. “Since I made up my mind to be with you, I swore to protect you and be with you all my life. If something happened to you, I wouldn’t live on alone. “If you would die, I would die with you. ” Hence, they would not be apart even after they died. Florence gaped at Ernest. Her heartbeat was speeding up as if her heart was smashed. It trembled violently

It would be quite easy for him to make a mistake. If Stanford did it, probably it would be better. However, there was such a high requirement to remove this bomb

. If neither of them cooperated well, it would explode. Ernest shook his head to refuse. He reached the other free hand to Stanford. “Let me do it. ”He was quite determined. Florence was his girlfriend. He would rescue her by himself and made her safe. Even if Stanford was so capable, there was still one in ten thousand possibilities that it would go wrong, and Ernest couldn’t rest assured to let Stanford take it over. After a hesitation, Stanford handed the tool to Ernest. Ernest took it with one hand. He looked up to stare at Florence and said seriously, “Before I removed the device, stay motionlessly. Don’t move a single bit. ”As soon as the removal was started, the water balance device would be quite sensitive. A single movement or tremble would lead to failure. Florence clenched her fingers tightly and answered affirmatively, “Okay. No worries. ”If she moved, they would be killed. Hence, no matter how suffered she would be, she would tolerant of it. Besides, it was a matter of all their lives. “Okay. I’ll start,” said Ernest solemnly. Then he started to remove the water balance device. He operated by a single hand, which was less convenient than by both hands. He slowed down a bit but acted quite steadily. During the procedure, he did it carefully without making a single mistake. Looking at his calm actions, Florence felt quite nervous, but she didn’t feel too worried. She trusted Ernest for resolving everything. Stanford was standing aside and watching. He was nervous and also couldn’t help appreciating Ernest’s capability. Seldom men would be so capable as him. Stanford believed that he was quite an outstanding man. Right at the critical moment of life or death, Ernest was calm and steady. He could get out of the jaws of danger. Moreover, he had never thought of giving up on Florence from the very beginning to the end