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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 451: Requirement

Benjamin really did not expect that Clarence would play such a trick for a bet. He not only won Florence over, but also stepped on him casually. Scheming black-bellied bastard! Damn it! Benjamin cursed him inwardly with hatred but tried his best to control his emotions. He said in a deep voice, “This round is a tie between me and Clarence. There are still two rounds left to decide the winner. Let’s play the next round. ” Benjamin couldn’t live up to his image and was eager to start the next round. No one opposed him. Stanford stood silently, his eyes deep and gloomy as he looked at Clarence carefully. The more he looked at this man, the more he found him pleasing to the eye. In the start of the second game, Florence was the landlord again. Thinking that there was still a third game to decide the outcome, they continued to play this round. In this game, all of Florence’s cards were really crappy except the trump card being the landlord and it was a definitive lose situation. Florence didn’t carry even an ounce of hope and continued to play according to the rules. Originally, she had planned to struggle until the end seeing that she was soon going to lose. However, unexpectedly, she didn’t know that Ernest and Benjamin’s cards were bad too. Every time they passed her the cards, her cards were able to beat theirs one by one. In the end, Florence won. The referee said, “Miss Fraser wins this round. ” Florence looked at the board with astonishment and then at Ernest, “Did you throw the game?” “Only a little bit. ” Ernest threw the rest of his cards on the table casually and said in a pampering tone, “You also played well. ” If he hadn’t lost intentionally, how could he make her win with such crappy cards. Florence’s heart was like a shiny mirror filled with sweet happiness. She liked Ernest’s unscrupulous pampering. Benjamin paused in the middle of spreading the cards and looked angrily at Ernest almost unable to restrain himself. His cards were clearly way better in this round, but he helped Florence so much that she won. Originally, he wanted to claim credit but before he could say anything Ernest’s words “You also played well” made him choke on his words. If he still said it, it was going to sound like Florence didn’t win on her own but gained advantage by unfair means. If he still said it, far from being favored, he would be disliked. Benjamin almost crushed the cards in his hands. Seeing Benjamin’s expressions, Phoebe smiled mockingly, “Mr. Turner, you just lose two rounds. You don’t seem to take defeat well

Stanford was very good at finding out someone’s moral character over trivial things. Through this game of cards, he could almost easily see that Clarence and Benjamin both were interested in Florence. Clarence was very clever, serious and good at strategizing

. This whole situation was under his control. If he used his skills, then winning all three games was not going to be a problem for him. However, he cared about other things too much, like Florence. He was too soft hearted and worried too much. Although it was just a game of cards, it’s aspects also ranged from small to big. When it came to major aspects in the future, Clarence might be concerned too much about Florence and her emotions, and give up a lot of benefits and decisions. Attaching more attention to Florence and the feelings between them was a good thing but it was also a fatal flaw. For a man to achieve big things, this was the biggest hurdle in the way. If he really encountered a matter of life and death, Clarence’s tenderness was going to become the main reason for his failure. Stanford had always been ruthless, cold-blooded and indifferent in dealing with anything and he was very much dissatisfied with this point of Clarence. As for Benjamin, he was also one of the candidates for Florence’s future husband. He was smart enough to handle things cleanly, even a bit unscrupulous. He was definitely going to succeed in his in his career. However, he attached too much importance to fame and profit and valued benefit far above all else. Although he wanted to marry Florence, but for him benefits were more important than emotions. A business marriage with him was a good idea, but it was impossible to marry him for a happy life and to be loved by heart. Stanford couldn’t help but sigh. Neither if them were perfect enough. He didn’t want to keep either one of them as his brother-in-law. His little sister should be with the best man in the world, only then…“Stanford, what are you thinking about? They all left. ”Phoebe stood in front of Stanford, leaning in and shaking her hand in front of his face. Only then did Stanford came back to his senses. He realized that there was no one else left in the room, only him and Phoebe were left. They didn’t even wait for him?Intolerable! Those two really didn’t deserve to be his brother-in-law. “Let’s go! I’ll see how their marksmanship is. If they can’t even hit a score of hundred, they are not qualified to pursue Florence. ”Phoebe’s eyes widened in astonishment. A hundred? That was ten shots in the bull’s eye. This kind of marksmanship was extremely hard to achieve, wasn’t it making things difficult for people?