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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 561: Revenge

It was a normal pen, which could be bought from any store on the street. Besides, its shape had been changed and it was broken so seriously that Florence even couldn’t tell what it looked like originally. However, she could recognize the carved smiling face on it. It was the birthday gift that she gave to Ernest. She particularly asked the owner to carve a smiling face according to her request. It wasn’t a valuable pen, but she knew that Ernest took it along with him almost all the time, just like his watch and ring. He treasured the pen more than anything else. Usually, he wasn’t willing to use it at all. However, the pen appeared in Benjamin’s hand and was broken so seriously. “This is fished out by my men from the sea,” Benjamin explained out of his kindness. Florence knew which area of the sea he referred to. Although the pen looked ordinary, it had good quality. It turned to be like this under a huge impact force or an explosion. Ernest always kept it next to his skin. It meant that Ernest must be quite close to the bomb and had received the strongest impact force. His pen had become like this. Florence couldn’t imagine what about him. Her whole body was weakened. Florence fell to the floor. Her mind was in a mess, keeping buzzing. Suddenly, something that she had forgotten became clear in her mind. She recalled it. When they fell into the sea, Ernest whispered in her ear, “Florence, I won’t let you die. ” He promised her that he wouldn’t let her die. Hence, when they fell into the sea, he tore the bomb away from her. Under the impact force when bumping into the water, he pushed her away and distanced the bomb from her rapidly. Hence, the impact force from the explosion came from the direction where Ernest distanced himself from her. She didn’t die, but Ernest died for her. “No--” At the thought of that, Florence broke down. She couldn’t help yelling, seeing black. She held her head and shook it desperately. “No way! Impossible! I don’t believe it! “He said he would go through think and thin together with me. He promised me! “He won’t leave me and let me live on alone. He won’t! He won’t do it!” she cried out continuously and comforted herself

It was crisscrossed with wounds, and no intact skin could be found on his face. If she hadn’t seen it in person, Florence would never dare to believe that there was such a horrible face in this world. Benjamin’s lips were completed gone, only two pieces of black rotten flesh left

. When he spoke, the scars that had just dried out were torn again. Blood and pus flew out. That made him look more ferocious. Gritting his teeth, he squeezed the words between them, “My face has been ruined completely. My nose bridge was broken as well as my facial bones. It’s a miracle that I’m still alive“My arm was broken by Ernest and became disabled. One of my legs was broken completely as well. For the rest of my life, I need to sit in a wheelchair. “Florence Fraser, since I’ve become like this and I still live on, am I not more painful than being dead?”Florence looked at him and couldn’t help trembling all over. She couldn’t imagine it, wondering if she would still have the courage to live on if she had turned to be like this. His face was unrecognizable, and he became a disabled person with broken arms and legs. He could only live in a wheelchair all his life, and the burning of his whole body would bring constant pains and suffering for a lifetime. Living in this way would be much harder than dying. Florence looked away, almost pitying Benjamin. However, his words made her frightened. She gazed at him and asked, “Do you also want to let me feel such pains as your revenge?”Benjamin’s lips moved a bit. He curled them up into an arc. He looked more terrible. He said, “Florence Fraser, you are pretty smart. ”He didn’t retort. It was a positive answer. He didn’t want to kill her. He wanted to imprison her and torture her to make her life worse than death. Florence felt chill all over her body. She couldn't imagine what kind of tortures she would experience in the future. “I have become what I am now, not a human nor a ghost, and I still try my best to live on. I want all of you to pay me back at a thousand times the price!”As he spoke, Benjamin looked quite hideous. Each of his words was full of hatred and insanity. “I want you and the whole Fraser family to be destroyed! By the way, as well as the Hawkins family in City N and everyone relevant to Ernest to Hawkins. I won’t let go of any one of you!“All of you will die! You’ll die miserably!”