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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 201: Reynold Myron

Ernest’s eyes darkened again, “As I remembered, she didn’t have any business trip projects. ” “Ms. Fraser took it upon herself to apply and join the project. Because of her relationship with you, no one in the design department dared to refuse her application. ” Timothy cautiously took a glance at Ernest’s face, which was getting gloomier and gloomier. He carefully took a step back. Ms. Fraser was really too bold. Tomorrow would be the dinner of the two families, but she just ran away to Riverside City without informing Ernest. Her action was simply a runaway. Plus, she never knew how much effort Mr. Hawkins put in to help her deal with the Fraser family. He even neglected his work. Ernest’s face turned darker and he spoke in a low voice, “Go to Riverside City. ” “Okay. ” Timothy dared not say another word. He quickly got on the driver’s seat, started up the car and prepared to drive. At this moment, Timothy’s phone rang instead. As the CEO’s personal assistant, he had several cell phones on him, each for a different purpose, and for different people to contact him. Hence, the priorities of the calls from different cell phones were all different. And this phone, it rarely rings, but once it did, it was a big deal. Timothy did not dare to hesitate. He hastily picked up the phone. As his listened to the content from the other end of the phone, the expression on his face turned more serious. He hung up and twisted his head to look at Ernest in the back seat. He spoke in a serious tone, “Sir, something happened in Europe. ” Ernest owned the biggest power in City N, but his power was not only limited in City N, but all over the world. Europe was one of the most important base areas. If there was something happened in Europe, it would be a big deal. In the past, once this kind of emergency happened, Ernest would immediately leave everything behind and rush over to solve the problem. But now, Ernest frowned slightly, he started to hesitate. If he went to Europe to deal with his work, he would not be able to go to Riverside City to get Florence back within these two days. Hence, the engagement date would be postponed once again. He had already let Florence run away once. This time, would he let her run away again? Ernest started to feel a little insecure, it seemed that if he lose her this time, he and Florence miss each other forever/ Timothy was surprised when he didn’t get Ernest’s immediate response. He even noticed the hesitations in Ernest’s eyes. Timothy couldn’t help to be surprised because Mr. Hawkins would always prioritize his career and would definitely rush over if any problem occurs. But now, Ernest would hesitate because of Florence

” “If it really is Reynold, I won’t be just screaming anymore, I’ll collapse to my knees in front of him. ” Jessica laughed and the others in the bus also followed. The atmosphere in the bus was merry

. Erica also had a smile on her face, but with a hint of profound. It took 4 hours and above to get to Riverside City by the bus. When they reached, the people in the bus had slept and woke several times. Florence fell asleep too. Then, she was shaken awake by Jessica. “Florence, we’ve reached the hotel. We gotta get off the bus now. ”“Oh, okay. ”Florence opened her eyes, her mind was still blur. She turned her head and saw the super luxurious five-star hotel outside the window. The design team from the Hawkins Group, as expected, would live in the most luxurious and most extravagant hotel in Riverside City. Florence gave a gasp in amazement. She couldn’t help but to think of Ernest. She sneaked out like out. She wondered how would he react when he found out?Would he be mad?According to his cold personality, would he just ignore her from now?When she thought about this, Florence’s heart felt heavy like an enormous stone pressing on her chest. “Slap, slap. ”She hurriedly slapped her face with her hand to slap away those thoughts in her head. Since she had ran away, she decided not to think about Ernest again. At least she could avoid him for half a month, so she could have a peace of mind for a while. The colleagues came with big bags of luggage. However, Florence came in a hurry and she did not bring anything, so she was the most relaxed person among them. The group of people got off the bus. When they reached the hotel entrance, they were greeted by the polite attendants. The attendants would guide them and also carry their luggage for them. Several women among them started to look around. After searching for a while, they did not see the person they wanted to see. They began to ask Erica, “Erica, where is the very famous design you mentioned? Will he come to welcome us?”“He is a world famous designer. It’s already a rare thing for him to attend this exchange, how you could still expect him to welcome you at the entrance of the hotel? Why not you go back into your dreams?” Erica provoked. Then she led the group to walk into the lobby. The crowd was a little disappointed, but they soon realized Erica had got a point too. They were not coming here as guests, it was already good enough for the famous designer to join their exchange. Hence, the group of people followed Erica and walked into the hotel lobby. Just when they entered the lobby, a few women suddenly stopped and stood frozen in place. They were so shocked when they saw the person walking towards them