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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 372: Rich Neighborhood

Georgia became more helpless. She was so afraid that Ernest wouldn’t listen to her any longer and cause more serious consequences. She could only nod in agreement. “All right. I’ll tell you now. ” She took a step back, heaving a helpless sigh. She knew that the secret of her family couldn’t be hidden any longer. With a face full of sorrow, Georgia walked to the ward slowly. Ernest gazed up at Georgia’s expression sharply. He knew that Georgia didn’t lie to him. She indeed knew it. However, he could also tell that she felt hesitant or might lose something if she told him about it. Ernest couldn’t care much. A light of hope raised in Ernest’s despairing heart again. He strode over immediately and followed his grandmother into the ward. Georgia was sitting on the sofa, looking depressed, sighing. Her turbid eyes were somewhat reddened. It seemed that she had cried shortly before. Looking at Georgia, Ernest frowned deeply, a bad hunch surging in his heart. Seemingly what Georgia was going to tell him was not only about Florence but also something bigger, which could turn the current situation upside-down. Ernest approached another sofa and sat down. Gazing at Georgia, he said, “Grandpa, please go ahead. ” After a pause, he added, “I’ve been looking for her for such a long time. I can wait another two days here. ” Georgia nodded. Looking at Ernest dearly and helplessly, she seemed to have seen someone else while gazing at her grandson carefully. “You look like your mother very much indeed. ” She sighed with emotion. Upon hearing it, Ernest was shocked, as Lord Wendell also commented in this way. As a smart man, he instantly figured out something. He wondered if it had anything to do with his late mother and his identity. Georgia continued slowly, “Your mother wasn’t from an ordinary family. She came from Europe. When your father was studying overseas, they met. They fell in love at the first sight and love each other deeply. They even eloped and got married despite anything or anyone trying to stop them

“I know you have established some forces in secret. If you go like this, are you sure you’ll find Florence for sure?” If he had made any mistake, he wouldn’t only get a grudge with the Turner family but also cause more horrible consequences. In that case, he wouldn’t even be able to find Florence at all

. Ernest sat upright, his eyes darkened. Sure enough, as long as the matter was relevant to Florence, he would act recklessly. That was the only way that he could find Florence. He wouldn’t let there be any mistake. Georgia heaved a sigh. Pulling out a mental box from her pocket, she handed it to Ernest. “This is from your mother before she passed away. She said, in case if you had to go back to the Turner family, you should take this box and go back. In the Turner family, your mother was the only heir and you are her only son, so you are the true heir of the Turner family now. ”If Ernest would fight against the Turner family, he’d rather go back to the family as the heir. Once he had the power, he could do things he wanted. However, if Ernest went back to the Turner family right now, how he would end up - whether he would inherit the family or be swallowed alive by those fierce family members - was quite unpredictable. Staring at the box in his hands, Ernest’s eyes were deep. He understood it clearly. His mother escaped from the Turner family and cut ties with them. Now he was planning to go back and rooted himself there. He must face tremendous difficulty and danger. However, if this was the only way that he could find Florence, he would do it despite the odds. He needed to go back to the Turner family, didn’t he? He would!…In the helicopter. Florence was sitting by the window, looking down at the scenery outside. This was a foreign city that she had never been to before. In this lively and prosperous city, high rises stood in the stands, but large hills also extended in the city, in a staggered layout. From the above, the combination of the modern city and the forest was quite pleasant to the eye. She was a bit confused. “The land in the center of the city are worthy beyond ten thousand, aren’t they? There are large hills in the center, which is a waste of great precious resources, isn’t it? How didn’t the citizens flat the hills?”Or, probably, they could have established the city on a completely plain area, so that the resources and land properties could be fully utilized. Following Florence’s gaze, Stanford looked over, his eyes full of tenderness. He explained, “It’s because those hills are worthy beyond ten thousand already. They were all bought. Look at the hillside. What can you see?”Florence carefully looked towards the hillside. Then she found something magnificent