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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 588: Romantic Rose Petals

Then, Collin reached out to cup Benjamin’s chin and opened his mouth, pouring the bottle into his mouth. Benjamin seemed to still have a bit of consciousness and was bent on death. He resisted and tried to spit it out. However, such a small gesture of Benjamin had caused Collin to explode with rage. Collin lifted Benjamin’s chin high before closing it tightly. Collin cursed displeasingly, “Such a precious thing for you, and you still don’t cherish it. Let me tell you. After you die, I will dissect your corpse and study it myself. ” Even if he couldn’t study the ‘The Lifesaver’, at least he could study the one who used it. Maybe he could get something out of it. Hearing this, Benjamin resisted even more, and he even opened his tightly closed eyes at once. His eyes were bloodshot and frightening red. He glared at Collin fiercely as if he wanted to kill Collin. When seeing Benjamin like that, Collin was laughing instead of being angry, feeling amazed. “As expected it’s of the Fraser family’s treasure. It’s only been a few seconds, and it’s already starting to take effect. ” Just now, Benjamin could only gasp for air. But now, he was able to open his eyes, staring at others. Florence couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that the effect of this medicine was indeed impressive and powerful. Even an amateur like her could tell that Benjamin’s condition was getting better and better right now. Moreover, what was even more shocking was that Florence saw those hideous and blood-spilling scars on Benjamin’s body that seemed to have started to scab. This was so unbelievable. When Benjamin heard this and then felt the apparent improvement of his body, he was thunderstruck and became listless. He had managed to take advantage of the slackened guard and used extreme means to get himself killed. It had all worked out originally… But now, he was actually saved! He even had no chance to die. He was despair as if the world was dark, and it was worse than death. Collin was still squatting beside Benjamin, surveying his entire body. Without raising his head, he said, “Flory, Benjamin can’t die anymore. You can go back first. ” The matter was settled as Benjamin was not dead yet. She had to get back to take care of Ernest

Or maybe, Benjamin’s men had snuck in and kidnapped Ernest. Or maybe… Each of these possibilities made Florence feel panic and fear. Ernest’s health had finally started to get well, and he was finally able to stay by Florence’s side now

. Florence hadn’t even waited for him to wake up. How could something happen to him? How could he leave her alone again? Florence was worried and scared, flipping out. To her surprise, when she rushed out of the room, nobody was outside to be seen. Just now, when she entered the room, there were still several bodyguards guarding outside the room. Where was everyone?Florence was puzzled. She was about to call out to someone when she noticed something soft under her feet. She looked down and unexpectedly saw that it was actually rose petals spread all over the floor. Florence was dumbfounded. The bright rose petals were so beautiful. They were spread all over the ground, like a red carpet made of flowers, looking beautiful and romantic. And it looked so familiar too. Back then, she and Ernest got engaged. The moment she stepped out of the lift, she saw the rose petals spread all over the floor, replacing the red carpet. That time, when Ernest proposed to her, he was also laying rose petals all over the floor at his home. This time…Florence’s eyes flickered as she looked at the rose petals on the ground. Her heart was pounding fast. Could it be him?When Florence came in just now, there were no such petals on the floor, and the bodyguards were all still on guard. So she just went into the room for a while, and when she came out again, everything outside had changed. It was apparent that everyone in the villa had colluded in this. Ernest did it, right?It was him, right?Florence’s heart was beating wildly while guessing. But, she wasn’t sure enough that she hadn’t seen him yet, for fear of another disappointment. She bit her lip, desperately trying to make herself to be more sensibly. At that moment, the large doll placed in the corridor suddenly burst open. Many colourful balloons flew out of it, scattering all over the corridor and the hall, looking so beautiful. Florence was staring at it in amazement. This was all well-prepared for her!It should be!Her delight was overwhelming, and she couldn’t wait to see Ernest immediately.