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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 718 Rules for Doting on Wife

Although he was a duke and he received the most honorable greeting anywhere and anytime and it never happened that he stood while others were seated. But. Ernest was his future brother-in-law. He had to respect and please Ernest. After Ernest and Hector appeared, the audience were so excited and curious that they paid full attention to them. When they found Hector who was always in a leading position stood beside Ernest without any unhappiness, they were more curious. There must be a wonderful play today. They wondered how Ernest would test Duke Hector. They waited in excitement and anxiety. However, after quite a few minutes, Ernest did nothing. Nor did he say anything. He just sat there elegantly and drank tea slowly. His look was indifferent. He ignored everything around him as if he saw nothing. Hector stood still. Soon his feet were tired. He was confused why the test hadn't started yet. He hesitated and then said politely to Ernest, "Bro, I'm ready for the test. " He said confidently. "Florence, you're so lucky. You'll be the luckiest woman in the nation after marrying Duke Hector. " Seated opposite the table, Bonnie said so and stared at Florene, full of envy. Florence cracked the melon seeds and a playful smile appeared on the corners of her lips. Idiot Hector. You would soon know how you died. Long after Hector finished his words, Ernest slowly put down the teacup and glanced at him as a reward. He opened his thin lips a little, saying, "Tell us your understanding of the relationship between the husband and the wife. " His understanding? This question was within Hector's expectation. He had carefully prepared for it

We need to practice it as it's related to our daily life. As for details, I have surveyed a lot and think it's good to practice it. " "For example, when the wife is on her period, the husband needs to take good care of her, feeding her boiled water as well as brown sugar syrup to keep warm

. When she feels painful, the husband needs to be with her 24 hours. As long as she calls, the husband should appear. The husband should never leave her alone. " The audience were totally shocked. They opened their mouths widely and couldn't close them for a long while. Men should care for women's period? Was he kidding? It was so dirty… "Further, the husband shouldn't treat the wife as a servant, like asking her to cook, do the laundry or housechores and raise children. Instead, the husband should share the responsibility. If he's too busy and has no time, he should spare some time to help his wife share as much housework as possible. " The audience, "…"Duke, were you sure you could do housework?"Moreover, if the couple have disagreement and when the wife insists her opinion, the husband has to listen to her. Only when the wife is happy, the family will be harmonious. If the wife is angry, it must be the husband's fault!"Hearing these words, Florence was choked by the tea. What a conclusion!Wasn't it the popular conclusion on the internet? It must be used by Hector as a doctrine. The idiot…He insisted to be a househusband. The audience was totally speechless. If the equality between men and women shocked them at first, then the details given by Hector just now directly knocked their views into pieces. It was okay to treat women equally, but why should they treat women like treasures?If so, what was the difference between men and women?!The views of all the men in the yard were smashed completely. They thought what they were watching was not the fun but the horror movie. On the other side, women were astonished as well, but soon their hearts beat crazily fast. The life described by Hector was women's heaven. If they could lead a life like this…It was worth dying!"I wanna marry Duke. ""Me as well. I wanna be the woman being loved and respected. ""Me too, me too…"Women couldn't help discussing in a whisper with envy. The emotion soon infected one woman after another till all the women in the yard. They fixed their eyes on Hector with shiny eyes