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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 489: Say One Thing and Means Another?

Stanford’s temples pulsed violently. Very quickly, he pulled Phoebe to stop her. The force he used to pull her was a bit too much so Phoebe was caught off guard. Her body became unstable and she fell into Stanford’s arms. When her soft body fell into his arms accompanied by a pleasant fragrance, this suddenly stimulated a certain string in Stanford’s body. A fire surprisingly rose in his belly uncontrollably. Startled, he froze. Damn, what was wrong with him? Was he stimulated by Florence’s scene, he surprisingly, surprisingly… Stanford abruptly pushed Phoebe away and said stiffly, “Don’t go over and look, they’ll come over later. ” After being hugged suddenly but he was disgusted in which he immediately pushed her away, Phoebe’s mood was simply like she was riding a roller coaster. She was suddenly in heaven and suddenly in hell. She was depressed for a while and tried to look at the scene behind the lush grass, “They’re there? What are they doing?” Stanford was speechless. He pursed his thin lips and did not speak. There were some coldness and anger on his handsome face, as well as some unnatural faint light redness. Florence did not expect that in the middle of nowhere, Stanford would suddenly appear without any signal. And it was just nice that he saw such a shameful scene. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole and bury herself in it with soil, never to come out again. While hugging Florence, Ernest said with a deep voice. “Florence, if you still don’t let go, even if your elder brother comes, I’m also going to make out with you here. ” His deep and low voice was with fire that was forcibly restrained. Ernest’s breathing was extremely heavy. Only God knew how much effort was he using right now to barely restrain himself. He wanted to make out with Florence right here. Florence froze. Even her ears also turned red. She was still embracing Ernest’s head on her chest. When he spoke, his hot breath and thin lips were all next to her skin. They were like a series of current that flowed through her body. The strange feelings inside Florence’s body were tumbling. She felt that her body no longer belonged to her. “I, I…” Florence stammered to speak and could not even utter a complete sentence. She hurriedly let go of Ernest and hurriedly jumped off his body. She pulled down her untidy clothes that were pulled up. She turned around and tidied up her clothes in a panic with her back facing him

Abashed, she hastily agreed. “I’m fine, you go. ” After she finished speaking, she thought of something else and pulled Ernest’s sleeve, “Will my elder brother make things difficult for you? I think it’s better that you don’t go

. ” Looking at Florence’s look of concern for him, Ernest’s thin lips curled into a pleasant smile. He dotingly rubbed her hair and said with a smile, “After eating the cabbage, I should explain to the owner, don’t worry. ”Florence was stunned. Who was cabbage?!She glared at Ernest with chagrin and saw him walking towards Stanford boldly. Seeing that he was not frightened at all, Florence inexplicably also felt relieved. Ernest’s paces were very big and he walked to Stanford’s side within a few steps. The two men walked in the forefront side by side. The aura was somewhat low. While walking, Stanford stared at Ernest with a darkened face. His tone showed that he was extremely annoyed, “Do you know that what you did to Flory just now would make me shoot you. ”He not only took advantage of his younger sister, but he even did it in the middle of nowhere!“I’m sorry that this kind of matter happened. ”Ernest spoke with a frank look. Although he was apologizing, there was no remorse in his expression at all. “But, when there is love, people won’t be able to restrain from doing something. ”Stanford frowned and scolded him in a stern tone, “As a man, you don’t even have the ability to self-control?!”Ernest was not annoyed. He pursed his lips and looked at Stanford leisurely. “Mr. Fraser, don’t you have times where you can’t restrain yourself?”His self-control would collapse abruptly when he faced Florence. In addition, in such a situation, both of them were willing to do so and Ernest also indeed missed her for a long time. Stanford slightly froze. Phoebe’s little face surprisingly could not help but flash in his mind. Today, he had reactions a few times because of body contact with Phoebe. This sudden feeling was very uncontrollable and this made Stanford stunned and antipathetic. He gritted his teeth and his voice became even colder and stiffer. “I definitely won’t do that!”Ernest looked at Stanford in a manner as if he was smiling but it also looked like he was not smiling. His tone was meaningful, “Really? Or is it that Mr. Fraser hasn’t realized it and isn’t willing to admit it?”Like a needle, these words poked the membrane in Stanford’s heart.