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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 247: Schemed Long Ago

Hence, from then on, Florence took the initiative and started to explain the key points to Ernest seriously and sincerely. After that, she also read a few more books. Although Florence was so attracted to getting to know more new things, she still couldn’t help dozing off gradually while reading as she hadn’t slept at all last night. Looking at the book in her hands, she felt the words were going blurred, and she found it more and more difficult for her to concentrate. She couldn’t help but close her eyes, her head falling onto the desk. “Pak. ” With a sickening thud, Florence’s head bumped into the man’s thick and warm hand. Since she didn’t feel any pain, she didn’t wake up. Instead, after rubbing the warm thing in front of her with her forehead, she slept more soundly. Looking at the little woman sitting next to him, Ernest pressed his lips into a nice curl with a trace of affection. Then, he picked up his suit jacket that was put aside with the other hand and put it on her shoulders gently. He started at her deeply, while his palm was still under her face, letting her lean against it. He couldn’t help but wonder how long hadn’t she stood by him so obediently like this. In the past few days, Florence hid and distanced herself from Ernest, which was indeed a torment to Ernest. He would never let such a thing happened again. “Sweet dreams. ” Ernest looked straight at Florence, his eyes as tender as the calm water with the determination to win. After staring at her for a long while, he finally slowly switched his gaze to his book. With the other hand turning the pages, he read it slowly. He only needed three seconds to finish reading one page, and he could fully understand the points on it. It was an efficient but boring thing. However, since Florence was next to him now, it was the first time that Ernest enjoyed reading. Florence was lying prone on the desk, which wasn’t supposed to make her nap too long or too comfortably. But she felt quite cozy when napping this time. Moreover, she even had a silly and meandering dream. In the dream, she went back to Ernest’s villa in City N. She just knocked off from work. With the fresh vegetables that she just bought, she opened the door and walked in. As soon as she entered the villa, she saw Ernest, in a set of loungewear, walking out of the kitchen. A tender and warm smile was on his ever-expressionless face. He walked to her and took over the vegetables from her hands, wrapping her waist with the other hand. “Thank you, Florence. Sit down and have a rest. Let me cook today. ” As he spoke, he kissed her on her forehead. Then he let her go and walked to the kitchen

She turned around and saw Ernest, whose face was the same as that in her dream. He looked so handsome that Florence’s mind went blank. The romantic scene in her dream made Florence blushed again

. She looked away and kept stammering, so embarrassed. Seeing her blushed face, Ernest raised his eyebrows. He asked in a playful and ambiguous tone, “Did you dream of me?”His question made Florence felt so guilty. Recalling the intimacy in her dream -- Ernest called her honey and they even had got married, Florence felt so embarrassed that she dared not to look at him at all. She wondered why she had such a strange dream. Was it because she had such a bad intention to Ernest?“Nope! Of course not!” Florence denied it in a panic. She titled her head, having no guts to look at Ernest. Ernest pressed his lips, the arc of his lips became deeper. Judging from her self-deceiving reaction, he was sure that she had dreamed of him. Under the man’s gaze, Florence felt extremely guilty. Her heart hammered so violently as if it would jump out of her chest. The atmosphere was way too awkward. She immediately stood up. “Well. Ahem. I’ve got to go now. ”Lifting her foot, she turned around and was about to leave. The jacket wobbled on her shoulders, almost falling. It wasn’t until now did Florence find Ernest’s jacket was still on her shoulders. She was taken aback and her heart trembled. She wondered if Ernest put it on her shoulders when she was napping. He let her nap on his palm and put his jacket on her shoulders, so careful and considerate. Florence felt more flustered. She quickly picked up the jacket and folded it. Then she handed it back to Ernest politely. With a blushed face, she said, “Thank you. ”“You are welcome. ”Ernest gazed at her deeply, taking over his jacket. His behavior was quite polite like a gentleman, but it also had ambiguous and doting that touched her. Florence nearly dared not look into his eyes at all. Putting his jacket aside, Ernest pulled out a ticket that was packaged delicately and gave it to Florence. “This is for you. ”Looking at the thing in his hand, Florence was so surprised that she was taken aback