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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 557: Seal Off the Sea

Stanford denied that he cared about Phoebe’s departure. After all, she was only a stranger to him. He made him believe that he was upset because of Florence’s death. Florence jumped into the sea in his presence, and the bomb bound on her exploded. This incident would be the biggest pain in his life that he would never forget. He forced himself to withdraw his gaze, looking down at the precipice below his fee and the rolling sea. The blown wind overwhelmed him. He seemed to smell the blood. It was Florence’s blood. Stanford wanted to find her back. If she was still alive, he would find her; if not, he would find her corpse. Even if her body was blown up by the bomb, he would gather all the pieces together and take her home as one. “Flory, let me take you home. ” Stanford’s voice was full of sorrow and determination. He took another half step forward. Instead of jumping into the sea, he pressed the button on his earphone. He ordered, “For those who are still alive, gather together and search on the sea. Also, inform all our men who are nearest to here. Seal off a hundred miles of the sea. Search!” He wanted to find Florence. He must. It was getting dark gradually. The sky was like a heavy curtain, overwhelming and burying people in it. On the sea, numerous search boats were arranged in a dense array, busy salvaging and searching. Frogmen jumped into the sea one after another, keeping searching. They seized every second and minute, bustle and hustle. No one dared to stop. However, the result was quite collapsing and despairing. One bodyguard couldn’t remember how many times he had walked up to Stanford. He reported, “Mr. Fraser, we’ve searched the area of the sea eight times but failed to find Ms. Fraser. ” Stanford was standing in the bow of the boat, pale and cold. He said in an extremely cold tone, “Keep on searching!” “But. ” The bodyguard hesitated for a moment. Then he bit the bullets and continued, “Since Ms. Fraser jumped into the sea until now, we’ve been searching for seven hours non-stop. We’ve searched every corner of this sea area, even haven’t missed the cracks of the corals. “If we could find her, she should have been found long ago. I’m afraid Ms. Fraser’s body was blown up into pieces in the explosion and eaten by the sea animals

Stanford was the young master of the isolated Fraser family. He was one of the most powerful and superior men in this world. Let alone sealing off a certain area of the sea, even if he bombed a whole continent, he could still bear the consequences

. In this world, the strongest and the most powerful were always respected. Two days later. There were more search boats on the sea, so crowded that they made the sea area to land. They didn’t stop searching for a moment at all. It was smoky everywhere. The whole scene looked horrible. Stanford stood motionless on the deck, still wearing the clothes he had worn two days ago, which had become dusty. His face was as pale as paper, his lips were dry, and his eyes were bloodshot. He had been standing there in the past two days. Whenever someone fished out the dead fishes and dug out the human body's stumps in the fish stomachs, he would immediately rush over, carefully identify, and check. If the stumps didn’t belong to Florence, he would breathe a sigh of relief happily. However, he would become quite disappointed that almost could swallow him. He wondered where on earth Florence was. Couldn’t he even find her body after she had died?Stanford’s eyes were dimmed extremely. The tall and strong man was so desperate as if he would fall at any second. One of his men reported the disappointing result to him again. After a hesitation, he mentioned another thing. “Mr. Fraser, we’ve made a huge fuss here recently, which has attracted others’ attention. Master called to ask what had happened. ”A touch of uncontrollable pain flashed through Stanford’s face. He had been keeping searching Florence for the past two days without any stop. He hadn’t had time to inform Victoria or Alexander that something had happened to Florence yet. Now, they asked him. Stanford wanted to resist, unwilling to face the fact. How could he tell their parents that their daughter, who they had been expecting and searching for for over two decades, died three months after she came back home? She was completely separated from their parents forever. Even Stanford couldn’t bear it himself, how could their parents who loved Florence that much bear it?They were still thinking that Florence and Clarence were having a private trip and unwilling to go home because of their sweet romance. Victoria also expected and said that probably Florence would take their grandchild home this time. She was worried and expectant when saying that. How could Stanford inform their parents and break their expectations and happiness? He didn’t know how to tell them such collapsing grievous news. After a long moment of silence, Stanford looked at the sea sadly. He said in a hoarse voice, “Hide the news from them for the time being. After I’ve found Florence, I’ll go home and inform them myself. ”He wanted to wait until he had found Florence. After he had found Florence and took her body back home in a whole, he would inform them.