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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 254: Sealed with a Kiss

After sitting down, Florence didn’t struggle too much because all the attendees had known that she was Ernest's date, although she wasn’t used to sitting next to him when there were so many people around. She decided to sit obediently to avoid another incident happened. Seeing that Florence was sitting still next to him but didn’t talk, Ernest felt a bit annoyed. It seemed that he still needed to keep putting effort to make up his relationship with her. He asked in a flat tone, “I have a dinner party this evening. Would you like to go with me?” Hearing that Ernest was talking to her all of a sudden, Florence shook her head to refuse. She still believed that it would be better for her to keep her distance from him. “I’ll have dinner with Tina alone. Don’t you want to explain what has happened just now and change her impression of you?” She heard the man’s elegant voice again. Florence immediately looked over at him and nodded in agreement, totally forgetting her principles. “Sure. I’ll go with you. ” Seeing her vivid expression, Ernest curled up his lips without speaking. Florence couldn’t guess what was in his mind, wondering if he was angry about her refusal at the beginning. Thinking that she couldn’t let go of such a valuable chance, she rarely took the initiative and talk to him, “Mr. Hawkins, I didn’t know you have such a large network. It seems Tina respects you very much. It’s indeed my pleasure to know you. ” In fact, despite their personal relationship, it was indeed her honor to know him. Otherwise, she might need to struggle for decades or even half her life to reach the door of this fashion show. Ernest seldom heard the compliment from her. Although he knew that it was because of the dinner party tonight, he still felt delighted. Also, he knew to stop where it should, so he didn’t continue pushing her hard. He answered gently, “The network is quite important for a businessman. It’s not strange for me to know people in the fashion business. If you are interested, you can attend such occasions more with me. Then you’ll know a lot of people that you want to know. ” He implied that if she kept being with him, it wouldn’t be difficult for her to attend such occasions as the dinner party tonight. Florence hadn’t expected that he would be so easy-going. She nodded with gratitude. “Thank you, Mr. Hawkins. ” Hearing her distant words, Ernest’s expression changed from being friendly to cold again. “You’ve thanked me twice in just ten minutes. ” They shouldn’t be so polite and distant from each other. “Have I?” Florence smiled, pretending not to understand what he implied. He wanted to help her, so it was natural for her to thank him. Soon the lights were out in the hall

After the two-house fashion show ended, the host stood on the runway enthusiastically. With a smile, he said, “It’s indeed a feast to the eyes today. Thank you again for coming today

. Now, we’ll have a lucky draw to invite our lucky guests to visit the sample studio. You can look at the sample dresses in the show and talk to the designers. “For the lucky guests who had received the notice, please come here at two o’clock this afternoon. ”Hearing his announcement, everyone at the scene went excited. Looking at the design works and talking to the designers was a chance for the unknown designers to worship the well-known ones. As for reporters, they would take the chance to have a deeper interview with the designers and shoot some great photos, which could become the headline tomorrow. Florence naturally was looking forward to being one of them. There would be hundreds of stylistic clothes in the sample studio. How magnificent it would be!However, she didn’t believe that such a lucky chance would belong to her. She was lucky enough to have sat here. “Do you want to go there?” a deep and magnetic voice asked her. Florence looked at Ernest in surprise, only to find he still remained noble, elegant, and indifferent as if he was talking about something common. She asked in disbelief, “Can you get an internal seat for this even as well?”Ernest slightly nodded. Florence felt that she was blown again. How wonderful if one was powerful! He could easily do the things that others couldn’t achieve even after being hard-working all their lives. Then, she realized that would trouble him again. She didn’t want to owe him another favor. Florence slightly shook her head and said, “No, I don’t want to go. I’ve seen the design of the sample clothing just now, nothing special. Hmm!”Before she could finish her words, she saw black. The next second, a domineering scent sealed her lips. Her eyes were widened. She gaped at the black eyes that were so close to her. By instinct, she was about to push him away. However, Ernest let go of her before she made the move. Florence quickly took a glance around them. Fortunately, everyone was expecting to be the lucky one, so nobody noticed them. She breathed a sigh of relief, looked over at Ernest, and asked him in anger, “You. ”“You can’t say that there’s nothing special about their design, which is a taboo for the design business,” Ernest interrupted her and reminded her in a low voice. Florence suddenly realized it. Indeed, in such a fashion show, if someone heard what she said, she would be blamed for sure. Moreover, the journalists might give an article a title as “An unknown designer was arrogant and conceited to disdain the design works from well-known ones” and earn the flow traffic. And she would become the target attacked and scolded by all the netizens. She wondered if he saved her by kissing her just now.