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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 409: Secret Was Exposed

Maybe because she still felt a bit of pain on her lower belly, or maybe Ernest’s embrace was way too cozy, Florence fell asleep unconsciously. She slept soundly for the whole night. When she woke up in the morning, Florence found nobody beside her. Her room was also empty. Ernest was not seen. She wondered if he was gone. Florence sat up in a daze for a moment. She touched the pillow next to her. It had turned cold. She was certain that he had been gone for a long time. For some reason, she felt disappointed. If it weren’t that her family was against them, Ernest wouldn’t have to sneak in and sneak out before dawn. However, she couldn’t see him when waking up and during the daytime, which made her feel quite upset. Florence wished to be with him aboveboard, so they could be together as long as they want every day. However, Victoria was against them so strongly, and nor did her father and brother agree. She didn’t know when they would change their minds. Florence heaved a sigh. Then she got up, tidying herself up. When she came back to her room after breakfast, Florence wanted to keep chatting with Ernest via WeChat. Much to her surprise, Tammy, who was supposed to leave her room after cleaning up, still stayed in her room. She was standing in the center of the room, looking quite solemn. Looking at Florence, she said seriously, “Excuse me, Little Miss. ” Florence sensed the abnormality right away. She asked, “Yes, Tammy? What’s up?” “Little Miss, I just found this one in the bathroom. ” Slowly, Tammy pulled out her hand behind, on which there was a pack of tampons, which Florence used last night. It was bought by Ernest. In an instant, Florence felt a sense of guilt. She rushed over, took over the tampons, and explained, “I bought them long ago. Last night I found myself on period. ” “Little Miss, I’ve been in charge of tidying your room all the time. Before last night, I’ve never seen you have this pack of tampons,” Tammy exposed Florence’s lie. Feeling a bit embarrassed, Florence said, “Maybe you haven’t paid attention to it. ” Tammy continued, “Little Miss, you don’t like drinking wine, but the bottle of wine has almost been finished. ” Florence’s mouth corners twitched. The wine was drunk by Ernest. She had never expected that Tammy would be so careful. She wondered if Tammy was suspecting something. In a panic, Florence stubbornly retorted, “Last night, I suddenly wanted to drink it. ” “Little Miss, did Mr. Hawkins come here last night?” Tammy’s direction question made Florence swallow back her retort. Sure enough, she had figured it out

Tammy had found that Ernest had sneaked into her room, which was threatening but not dangerous for Florence. Besides, she had gained some benefits from it unexpectedly. In the evening, Tammy acted as a lookout for Florence

. Tammy deliberately changed her shift to the evening. In case Stanford or others would come to Florence’s room, she would call Florence in advance. In that case, when Ernest came here dating Florence in the evening, they would have double insurance. Hence, they became much bolder. Every evening, Florence looked forward to Ernest, spending a romantic night with him. The happy time always passed pretty quickly. In a blink, three days had passed. One morning, before dawn, Florence opened her eyes. She looked up, only to find that Ernest was still sleeping while holding her. He hadn’t gone yet. She forced herself to wake up earlier than usual just because she wanted to wake up before Ernest would and see him off. She felt quite terrible when she couldn’t see him after waking up. Under the dimmed light, Florence looked at the outline of Ernest’s face in satisfaction. Although she couldn’t see quite clearly, his outline was quite clear in her brain. She reached out and drew along his face in mid-air carefully. It felt so good that this man was with her now, and he belonged to her. She believed that they would be together like this forever, all their lives. Florence slightly smiled, thinking about the happiness, gradually sobering up. Shortly, she heard slight beeps beside them. It was Ernest’s cell phone. Florence was prepared, so she picked up his phone and tabbed to close the alarm. Then she checked the time - it was only half-past four in the morning. It turned out that he had to sneak out so early every morning. It was indeed so difficult for him to come over to meet her. Florence felt quite sorry for him. She wanted to set up another alarm and let him sleep in longer. When she unlocked the screen, she saw a message coming in. The caller ID was Timothy. “Good morning, Mr. Hawkins. This is your today’s schedule. ”Florence was surprised. Timothy was way too hardworking. He sent the daily schedule to Ernest at half-past four in the morning. What an early bird!While praising Timothy, Florence became curious about Ernest’s daily schedule. After hesitating for a few seconds, she tabbed the link open.