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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 199: Secretly Running Away

Florence stiffened, feeling like being splashed by a basin of cold water. She felt extremely humiliated at the moment. Brianna curled her lips into a triumphant smile when she noticed Florence’s pale face. She slightly lowered her voice and sighed like a senior, “Flory, I didn’t mean to go hard with you. But this is the reality and you should have some self-knowledge. Your identity is out of Ernest’s league. ” Brianna’s evil intention was so obvious. Although Florence was clear of it, she still felt like there was a heavy stone hanging above her heart. She felt so uncomfortable that she couldn’t even utter a word to retort Brianna. She and Ernest were not of the same league from the very beginning. Even if there were many examples of ordinary girls marring into a noble and rich family, unlike their true loves, the situation between her and Ernest was quite different… She even hadn’t figured out her relationship with Ernest. When Ernest walked out of Georgia’s bedroom and went to the living room, he saw Florence sitting on the sofa dully and absent-mindedly. “What’s in your mind?” Ernest walked to her and pulled her into his arms in a natural manner. Florence froze. After perceiving that it was Ernest, she jerked herself away from his embrace and abruptly stood up and then distanced herself away from him. Ernest slightly frowned. Noticing that her reaction was too aggressive, a trace of guilty flashed across Florence’s eyes. She hastily found an excuse, “Finished? Then let’s go back. It’s late now. ” After finishing the words, she hurriedly headed towards outside without waiting for Ernest’s response. Looking at Florence’s hurrying back, Ernest pressed his lips together, feeling a bit worried. What was wrong with this woman? He then followed Florence out of the villa. After getting on the car, Florence seated herself obediently on the passenger seat and looked out of the window. She looked as the same as she was in usual times, but her whole person gave Ernest a weird feeling. Ernest paid attention to Florence with the corners of his eyes and noticed all her emotions. She had been a bad mood after the meal. Maybe it was either because of they had to invite her parents to have a meal together and to decide on the wedding date. Ernest also knew what happed on that day. After the quarrel, in order to console Charlotte, Florence’s foster parents didn’t take the initiative to contact Florence, and they even felt bothered to give her a perfunctory comfort. Several days had past. The relationship was originally shaky, and their attitude pushed Florence more away from the family. Florence didn’t know how to face her foster parents under such conditions. To Ernest, he would feel contented if Florence was by his side. He would give another home in which she would live happily

She stopped her colleagues and said to the team leader, “Erica, are you guys setting off now? Can I go with you? I have been keen on the unique design style of Riverside City and I want to have a look too. ” Every employee in the company knew about Florence’s relationship with Ernest and they all knew that Florence would be their boss’s future wife. Naturally, they were so deferential to Florence

. Erica smiled ingratiatingly, “Of course. ”“Thank you. Then I will go there together with you. ”Florence heaved a sigh of relief. In this case, she would not have to face Ernest for at least half a month. But she suddenly ran away, would he feel angry if he couldn’t find her after getting off the work?When thinking of that Ernest would be angered, Florence felt guilty subconsciously. “It’s late now and it takes a long while to get to Riverside City. Hurry up and don’t waste the time. ” Florence urged them. Seeing that Florence was more hurrying than they were, Erica thought that she really loved Riverside City. But she was the team leader after all, so she reminded Florence kindly and gently, “Florence, we’ll stay for several days in Riverside City, but you didn’t bring your luggage here. How about this? You can go back home to package your luggage and we can set off in the afternoon. ”Florence would be her boss’s wife in the future, so no one felt unhappy even if they had to delay their schedule because of Florence. But Florence didn’t want to set off in the afternoon. If she left the city several hours later, it was not a difficult thing for Ernest to learn that she was planning to go to Riverside City as they were all Ernest’s employees. If Ernest knew about it and intervened in it, she would not be able to leave the city. Therefore, Florence shook her head with determination, “It doesn’t matter. I can buy them in Riverside. All right, it’s not a big deal for me. Get on the car. ”After she finished speaking, Florence took the lead and walked towards the bus that was parked outside of the company. Erica felt it inappropriate to say anything else and led her team members towards the car. She thought to herself: Florence is indeed Mr. Hawkins’ fiancée. Her way of doing things is do direct. She doesn’t need to bring anything with her because she can buy them in Riverside City. Alas, rich people!When Florence got on the bus and sat down on a seat that was near to the window, she saw Ernest walking out of the company with Timothy. He was in a business suit and looked so elegant. Florence’s heart missed one beat. He went to work just now, why did he come out of the company so soon?What a coincidence!If he saw her on the bus and learned that she was secretly running away to Riverside City, he would definitely get on the car to catch her!