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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 661: Seen

The condoms? Florence was taken aback. Under the circumstance last night, they certainly didn’t. At the thought of it, she suddenly sat up. In a panic, she said, “Holy shit! I can’t get pregnant now!” Phoebe looked at her in confusion and asked, “Why not?” Florence frowned, looking pretty down. “It’ll be quite dangerous to go to Raflad. I don’t know how long it would take us to arrive there. Besides, the situation in Raflad is also unknown and even dangerous. It’ll be quite difficult for Ernest to take care of me. If I got pregnant, I would definitely become the drag for everyone in the journey. ” Her words made sense. Phoebe looked at Florence with her twinkling eyes. “What’s your plan then?” “Phoebe,” Florence pulled Phoebe and said anxiously, “Please help me. Help me find the morning-after pill. ” “The morning-after pill? It’s quite bad for your health. ” “It’s alright. I’ll only take it once, which wouldn’t harm me, as long as I don’t take it over three times a year. ” Florence explained, “Besides, it has already happened. Only the morning-after pill can help me now. ” Phoebe thought a bit and agreed. She said, “Wait for me. I’ll go ask Collin to give me some. ” As she spoke, Phoebe was about to stand up, but Florence grabbed her arm. She looked pretty nervous. “No, Phoebe, please don’t ask Collin for it. Just ask Tammy to get a box of them. We’d better not let Stanford know. ” Collin and Stanford were on the same side and quite close. If she would get the pills from Collin, the whole family would know it. Phoebe looked at Florence in confusion. “Don’t you want them to know? What about Ernest?” “Don’t let him know either,” said Florence without any hesitation. Phoebe looked at her in confusion. She didn’t quite understand why. Florence’s face was darkened a bit. She explained, “If Ernest knew that I’m taking the pills, he would blame himself. ” Upon hearing her simple explanation, Phoebe instantly understood Florence’s care for Ernest. Ernest’s health was pretty bad now and he could die at any time. He survived completely relying on Florence, who didn’t want to be pregnant now because of her care for Ernest’s health condition. However, for a man, his beloved woman took the pills because of him. If he knew it, he would believe it was his fault so that she was dragged into the mere

” Phoebe shook her head. “I want to shop for some necessities, so I can buy it by the way. ” In this case, it was quite reasonable, so no one would doubt it

. Tammy knew that Phoebe and Florence wanted to hide this matter from others intentionally, so she agreed directly. “Miss Jenkins, I’ll arrange a car for you. I’ll also mark the good drugstores in town for you. ” Tammy did it pretty quickly. In the name that Phoebe wanted to go shopping, she arranged for Phoebe to leave Fraser’s house smoothly. Since she would leave here soon, Phoebe also needed to buy something. When she came back, she had two full bags in her hands. She had bought a lot of things. She looked indeed as if she had come back from shopping. The driver dropped her off at the gate of Florence’s courtyard and left. Phoebe held two big bags and walked in energetically. However, when she was about to enter the courtyard, she encountered Stanford, who was striding out from the inside. As soon as she saw Stanford, Phoebe was startled. The next second, she stiffed. Obviously, Stanford hadn’t noticed her. The gate of the courtyard was not big. One of them was walking out, and the other was walking in. They almost bumped into each other. Without any hesitation, Phoebe suddenly took a few steps back by instinct. An idea reminded her in her mind -- Stanford disliked her and he didn’t want to touch her at all. Hence, Phoebe acted too fast that she twisted her ankle. The bags in her hands fell on the ground. “Watch out!”Stanford acted pretty quickly. Reaching out, he grabbed Phoebe’s arm to stop her fell backward. Pulled by Stanford, Phoebe managed to maintain her balance. However, she felt as if the heat on her arm would scald her skin. Her whole body was tightened. In a hurry, she wanted to shake off his hand. “Thanks. Thank you,” she said awkwardly. She looked away in a panic without looking at him at all. Stanford’s hand was shaken off, stiffing in the mid-air. He felt extremely cold. Looking at the girl who was dodging him and distancing herself from him, Stanford felt so annoyed. Frowning, he was about to say something, but he saw something in the messed things by accident -- it was a box of the morning-after pill