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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 204: Serving the Beauty

Florence had planned to do it herself, but Reynold had already squeezed the medicine ointment. If she grabbed it from him, it would be quite troublesome and hypocritical. Hence, she reached out her hand gracefully, letting Reynold squeezed the ointment on the back of her hand. Then, Florence was ready to rub it with the other hand, but a big hand grabbed it. Reynold’s finger fell on the ointment. Although he was not so skilled, he started rubbing the ointment at a certain pace. “I asked the nurse when buying the ointments. The scald will recover faster if rubbing it in this way. ” As soon as he spoke, Florence stiffed her action that she wanted to withdraw her hand. He was applying the ointment on her out of kindness and care. If she acted so awkwardly, it would seem so ungrateful. Florence could only stiff her hand, letting Reynold apply the medicine for her. Feeling the temperature from the man’s palm and the strange touch, she still felt not quite comfortable, extremely awkward. Although Reynold was her idol, he was still a man, a strange man to her. Seemingly she couldn’t be used to being touched by any other man besides Ernest. Any other man besides Ernest? Florence wondered if she was only used to the touch from Ernest. She was suddenly startled. Thinking that Ernest always took advantage of her from time to time, touching, kissing, and even sleeping together, she had almost been used to them. And for his touch, she didn’t feel any resistance or discomfort. Florence’s heart trembled. She was in a panic. She couldn’t understand why she had been so used to Ernest without any notice. She was even more closed to Ernest than she was to Grayson when they were in love. Reynold applied the ointment for Florence. Casting a glance at Florence, he found she was lost in thought. He slightly pressed his lips. Sure enough, this woman was playing hard to get. Now she was lost in her fancy to him. After it was done, Florence immediately withdrew her hand. She thanked him politely. “Mr. Myron, really appreciate your kindness. You didn’t only offer your room to me, but also bought me the ointment. ” His hand felt emptiness again. Reynold felt a bit disappointed. Flipped, he looked at Florence, becoming more interested in her. She was quite good at playing hard to get, and also she had aroused his interests. Reynold put on a more charming smile. “You’ve come all the way from City N and taken a bus for such a long time. I’m sure you must be very tired. If you don’t mind that I’ve used this room, please take a rest. When we are gathering for dinner tonight, the hotel staff would come in to clean it up. ” “How would I mind? I’m already quite grateful that you offered your room to me,” Florence gave him a polite answer, shaking her head. Reynold smiled more brightly

“I’m glad that I could help you. After all, I’m the host. ” “But

. ” Florence hesitated. Then she thought that since Reynold had bought them for her, she couldn’t ask him to return them to the store. As a man, he wouldn’t be able to use those products either. She would never ignore other’s kindness. Florence thought for a moment and said, “Mr. Myron, may I please add your WeChat ID? I can transfer the money to you. ”Those were like gifts from Reynold to her, so he had never expected to get the money back. But once again, he had caught the key point of Florence’s words. She wanted to add him to her WeChat. He guessed that the main purpose of Florence was not to transfer him the money but to add him to her WeChat. Reynold understood and smiled. He directly pulled out his phone and tabbed to find his WeChat QR code. Immediately, Florence pulled out her phone and scanned to add Reynold on her WeChat. Since she would pay him back the money, Florence took over the paper bag. Unexpectedly, she found that there was a dress in the other bag. She was puzzled. Myron, and this dress is?”“For you to wear tonight. ”Reynold looked at Florence up and down directly. With a smile, he said, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to go to the hotel in jeans. ”Other designers were well-prepared and they knew that the gathering dinner was in a bar, so they had prepared appropriate outfits. If Florence went there in her current outfit, she would be like a square peg in a round hole. Florence had also thought about it earlier. She planned to go shopping. Much to her surprise, Reynold could be so considerate. He bought a dress for her as well. This man was extremely careful, wasn’t he?“Mr. Myron, I truly appreciate your help. ”“It’s my pleasure to serve the beauty. ”Reynold smiled brightly. Upon realizing that he was kidding, Florence felt more relaxed. She thought that she did have good taste . her idol was just a perfect man. “I won’t disturb you any longer. Go back to the bedroom and have a good rest. We’ll stay late for the party tonight. ”After finishing his words, Reynold left. Florence watched his receding back. She couldn’t help but praise him for being a gentleman again. Until Reynold’s back had completely disappeared from her sigh, she suddenly realized that she hadn’t asked him about the price for those things in two bags.