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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 679: Setting up Camp

There was nothing but white snow in this vast land. Snow fell from the sky, making one tremble in the cold. Florence, who was dressed in winter gear, was chilly. The situation here was the worse of any location they'd ever visited. She wrapped her arms over her body, thought of something, and turned to Clarence. "It's very cold here; your cotton shirt will not keep you warm; put on my winter. " Clarence cut her off by placing his right arm on her shoulders. "It's extremely cold, so let's not get separated and keep embracing each other," he murmured. His tall height kept much of the wind at bay for her, making it feel warmer as they held. Hugging did make them feel warmer, but. Florence glanced at him with concern, and his determined expression forced Florence to stop talking about the winter gear. He wasn't going to agree anyhow. He was concerned that her body wouldn't be able to withstand the extremes. Florence then placed her arm around Clarence's waist, trying to keep them as close as possible. They were like Siamese twins, inseparably linked. Clarence saw Florence's hand, and as she glanced at her anxious expression, his eyes darkened. He was well aware of her objectives. But he could tolerate these extremes, and she couldn't. “The snow is very heavy here; let us seek shelter. ” Clarence said as he swept his gaze over the surrounding, seeking a good location. Florence, too, took in her surroundings, but she had a different plan in mind. With the avalanche and continual snowfall, the snow began to build up on top of one another. Even if the other cars had also fallen, there was no way of knowing where they were buried, and searching for winter gear in the other car seemed impossible. And where had the others gone? Would others fell as well? Florence was worried. Clarence observed her anxiety and said, "Florence, push button L on my watch

She stared at him, relaxed and at peace. They moved carefully through the snow. Florence turned back to check at their car after a time and was shocked to see that the passage she excavated earlier had been entirely hidden beneath the snow again

. Without GPS, how could they be found in such thick snow?They couldn't wait for Stanford; they needed to find a way out on their own. She was certain that wherever Clarence was present, she was secured. Despite wearing winter gear, Florence's hands and feet were practically freezing. It was really cold. Her body felt practically frozen, and she lacked the energy to even speak. “Since this mountain is blocking the snow winds, let us take a break in front of it. ”Clarence's calming voice could be heard once more. They were finally able to rest. She looked forward and doubted. It was a wide land with no mountains or trees, but there was a massive snow mountain that blocked the blowing wind and snows, substantially reducing the amount of snowfall. She was hoping to find a cave or someplace to relax in. Clarence became aware of her fears and doubts once more. The backpack he was carrying had snow and windproof camp that could keep them warm and allowed them to stay the night in such conditions. It was a lot more comfortable than a cave. Florence was once again taken aback when she discovered a camp within Clarence's backpack; how much gear had he packed?He insisted on bringing this bag in the car since it would be incredibly handy and lifesaving during such a scenario. Florence had never set up a camp before; everything had been handled by their personal guards. But now when it was only Clarence and her, and Clarence was hurt, she had no choice but to do it. Even with gloves on, the fierce and chilly winds made one feel cold. This was really painful. Florence's face was pale, and her body had rigid by the time they finished assembling the camp.