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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 293: She Became a Guest, an Outsider

“Flory. ” Georgia walked towards her with a kind look. Florence did not expect seeing her there and she quickly stood up, speaking courteously, “Hello granny, I didn’t expect to see you here. ” Georgia looked at her and still thought she was likable as usual. She said amiably, “Flory, granny has come here for you. You know, I’ve stayed at home these days and Ernest didn’t come back too. I’m feeling too bored, and I nearly fainted this morning. The doctor advised me to keep a relaxed mind and spend time with people I want to be with, and the one I want to see is you. ” Hearing that she nearly fainted, Florence held her arm with worry and asked with care, “Granny, are you alright now? Please be more careful at normal days. ” “I feel much better now when I see you. Flory, please come back with granny and have a meal with me,” Georgia said with a pitiful tone. She seemed to know Florence would reject and she added, “Granny only has this simple request, could you please accept it?” Florence felt troubled and she glanced at Phoebe. Phoebe shrugged, indicating she could not do anything about it. After all, as an elder, her wish was really that simple and she also had illness. Florence felt helpless. Thinking that Ernest might not be at home, or else granny would not come looking for her, she finally pursed her lips and agreed. “Alright. ” “Flory, I knew you’re the best kid. ” Georgia wore a bright smile and she forgot to take Florence with her as she left. Florence could only wave at Phoebe, saying she was going to be back later and followed Georgia into the car. At the mansion, due to Georgia’s order, the lunch today was perfect. Florence held Georgia to the dining table. As she extended her hand and was ready to take the bowl to take some soup for her, Georgia said, “Flory, you can put that down first, Ernest’s not coming back yet. ” Ernest is coming back too! Florence’s hand shivered and she nearly dropped the bowl in her hand. “Granny, I…” I think I should leave…Without finishing her words, she heard the old butler’s voice. “Ma’am, Mr. Hawkins has arrived. ” Ernest’s slender and elegant figure showed up in less than half a minute. He still looked handsome and perfect under the bright light and his delicate facial features looked flawless. He was still dignified and charming as usual. Florence’s heart leapt when she saw him. Although they had not seen each other for several days, it felt like they had not seen each other for centuries, and it also felt like they had only met each other one second ago

Seeing her looking bad, she consoled, “Don’t worry, Flory, Ernest will marry you, I’m the one who decide your marriage. ” Florence felt guilty when she saw Georgia still defending for her. It would be her fault if she lied to her any longer

. She spoke carefully, “Granny, that’s actually the decision I make with Mr. Hawkins after we discuss together. ”“What?” Georgia looked totally surprised. Florence explained, “I’ve engaged with Mr. Hawkins for a long while, and we have been together long too, but we really don’t suit each other. Granny, Mr. Hawkins is a brilliant guy, and he’ll meet someone that suits him, you don’t have to worry about that too much. I still have job to do and I have to go back now. Do take care of your health, I’ll come visit you whenever I’m free. ” Florence got up and left straightaway after finished. She did not want to give anymore explanation, or else both of them would feel bad. Georgia did not expect such an answer from her. She was both startled and speechless, yet she still ordered rationally, “Send Flory back. ” She could tell that they were in a bad mood now and it could be they just say that out of rage. No matter how, she would not consent to canceling the marriage that easily. The chauffeur dropped Florence straight at Phoebe’s house’s entrance. She got out of the car after thanking the chauffeur. The moment she got out of the car, she accidentally saw a young man standing in front of Phoebe’s house. It was Collin. Florence had not seen Collin since the last time he got over the window to visit her when she was sick. She thought he had left City N, and she did not expect to see him there. He was leaning against Phoebe’s house door, and he was clearly waiting for her. Florence walked straight towards him. “Hey. ”“You’ve finally come back. ” Collin wore his symbolic smile. Florence was slightly baffled. “How did you know I’m staying here?” Collin also managed to find her when she was temporarily staying at Ernest’s house last time.