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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 118: She Doubted Him for the First Time

She pondered for a while and then looked at Ernest tentatively, asking, “Mr. Hawkins, shall we call for a takeout?” Ernest’s eyes were tinged with amusement. However, when he was about to say something, the doorbell rang. Who came to find him at this time? What an annoying third wheel! Ernest exuded coldness all around. Seeing that Ernest was still sitting there showing no intention to open the door, Florence could only stand to her feet and walk towards the door. The moment she opened the door, she heard Gemma’s voice with worries in it. “Ernest, are you alright?” The moment Gemma finished her words, she saw Florence. She was apparently petrified. Florence was also stunned when seeing Gemma. She felt a gush of uneasiness. After a short while of awkwardness, Gemma broke the silence with a smile, “Oh, Flory, you’re also here. ” “Yeah. ” Florence replied in a low voice and took several steps backward to give way for Gemma. Holding a meal box, Gemma asked in a low voice worriedly, “Ernest got injured. So I come to visit him. ” “He’s in the dining room. ” Florence tried her best to maintain her composure and replied in a clam voice. But her mind was in turmoil. She couldn’t explain how it felt like. It was reasonable for Ernest to tell his girlfriend first after being injured. This was good. Since Gemma was here, she could take care of Ernest and then Florence herself could leave. Florence followed Gemma to the dining room, intending to tell Ernest that she would leave. Gemma walked into the dining room. When seeing Ernest’s hand that had been bandaged, she felt very distressed for him. She walked to Ernest and asked with concern, “Ernest, is it serious? Are you alright?” Ernest looked at Gemma coldly. He didn’t answer her question; instead, he questioned in an unpleasant tone, “How do you know that I was injured?” After getting injured in the restaurant, he directly came back to the villa with Florence and hadn’t told anyone about this. Neither had he met anyone else. A touch of guilty flashed across Gemma’s eyes. But she reacted quickly and said, “I went to KK Restaurant just now and I heard about this from a manager. You also know that the managers there all knew about our relationship. He asked me about your situation and told me that they were really guilty. ” Ernest originally didn’t intend to blame the restaurant; after all, it was Florence who took care of him after his injury

” Florence felt flustered when seeing Gemma’s gloomy expressions. She couldn’t understand that Gemma was Ernest’s girlfriend, but why did Ernest flirt with her in front of Gemma? “Hmm… Miss Marlon, Mr. Hawkins’s hand was injured and he needs someone to take care of him

. Please stay here and take care of him. ”When hearing Florence’s words, Ernest’s face immediately darkened. He banged the chopsticks on the table. Staring at Florence, he questioned, “Are you trying to pass the buck?”“I… I didn’t. But she’s your girl…”“Florey!” When noticing that Florence was about to utter the sensitive word ‘girlfriend’, Gemma hastily interrupted her, “I really have something to attend to. I have to go now. ”She paused and walked to Florence, “Please help me take care of Ernest for these two days. Thank you. ” She said in an extremely low voice. Florence was rendered speechless. She agreed to take care of Ernest back then because she felt guilty. But when it was Gemma who asked her to do so, she felt very upset and uncomfortable. Gemma suppressed the jealousy in her heart and maintained her graceful smile. She said to Ernest gently, “Ernest, take care of yourself. I will leave now. ”“Okay. ” Seeing that Gemma knew what she should do at the moment and was about to leave, Ernest finally replied her. After Gemma’s departure, there were only Florence and Ernest in the villa again. When looking at Ernest who was having the noodles gracefully, Florence felt confused for the first time. As far as she knew, Ernest was Gemma’s boyfriend. But why did the scene just now looked so weird?The two of them didn’t look like a couple at all. At least Ernest didn’t behave like a boyfriend. With doubts in heart, Florence looked at Ernest and asked after hesitating for a while, “Mr. Hawkins, did you have a quarrel with Miss Marlon?”“No. ”Florence replied in a flat tone without even raising his head, as if he didn’t care about it at all. Florence became more confused and dubious. Why did Ernest look like…He looked like that he didn’t care about Gemma at all.