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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 703 She Felt Panic

"So you don't have the right to interfere into my business. Please let go of me," continued Florence. Florence tried to wrench herself free. But the man held her tighter. He stared at her with doubts. "You lied to me? You're not Andrew's daughter. " He knew very well that Andrew had only one wife and two daughters. The woman, who had heard their conversation, probably knew what was going on, and she immediately pointed at Florence's nose and shouted, "It's a great sin to deceive Duke Hector. Florence, are you seeking death?" Florence's mouth twitched. So, should she be beheaded because she deceived Duke Hector? Thinking that the man was so unreasonable, Florence immediately explained, "I only said that this is my house. I didn't say that Andrew is my father. You misunderstood me. " "And Andrew told me to make myself at home. I didn't misstate. " Hearing so, the man smiled happily. He pulled Florence to him and said, "Since this is your home, your marriage would be decided by the mistress of the house. I have proposed, and that lady agreed, so you may follow me. " Florence was shocked by his logic. Marriage couldn't be too serious. "I don't agree!" Florence pushed the man away with a serious and firm face, "I don't love you. I will not marry you. Perish the thought!" The man froze. It was the first time in his life that he had been rejected. The woman refused to marry him. Was she blind? No, she was playing hard-to-get. The man did not get mad but laugh, "It doesn't matter whether you agree or not. You have to spend the wedding night with me today. " Florence was furious. What a brazen man! The man was so shameless that he insisted on marring her. Seeing that the man was approaching her again, Florence retreated several steps, maintaining keen vigilance. "I won't marry you! You want to force me?" The man smiled and nodded, as if this was a matter of course. "Of course. " Florence was speechless. Did she have human rights? Although the woman envied and hated Florence, she was afraid that Florence would offend Duke Hector and bring trouble to their family. She turned to Florence with a dark face. "Florence, it's the rule

" She was the first woman who dared to go against him, the first woman to eat at the table, and the first woman who dared to threaten him with death. She was really interesting. His life would surely not be boring if he married her

. "Where's your brother? I'll go and ask him for his consent right now," the man asked directly. Seeing that the man had finally been persuaded to go to Ernest, Florence was a little relieved. Ernest wouldn't agree to the proposal. Besides, he was at a banquet at the court, and he wouldn't be back for a while. So, the man must go home tonight. She would have at least one day to discuss with Ernest about how to resolve the matter. Or she could run or hide. "He's at a banquet right now," she said to the man. She was now thinking of how to deal with the matter. Sure enough, the man frowned. "Well, it's not very convenient. "Florence, trying to hold back her smile, continued, "Yeah, he might not be free tonight. Why don't you take a rain check?""I'll take you to the palace. "Florence was so stunned that she choked back everything she wanted to say. What did he say?That was not what she expected. The man then reached out to Florence and said, "Let's go. "Florence backed away, narrowly avoiding his hand. "It's not a good time to talk about marriage at the banquet," she said gloomily. "He's doing business now. "Besides, there were so many people there. If the brainless Duke Hector proposed to marry her in public, she would definitely be the focus! With the local customs, Ernest might not be able to refuse. Florence was now in a mess. The man, who had never been in the habit of respecting a woman, took another two steps forward, took Florence's wrist and took her out. He also urged, "Hurry up. I'll take you to get dressed. If we can come back before twelve o'clock, we still can get married. "Florence was speechless again. But she was not as strong as the man was, so Florence couldn't struggle and was forced forward. Looking at the dark sky outside, Florence felt extremely flustered. She was not very clear about the customs here. Why should they get married immediately after the proposal?Florence was more worried that since a woman had no rights, could he do anything to her before the proposal?Then before she could meet Ernest, he couldn't save her