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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 346: She Has Stayed in His Embrace Countless Times

Florence walked over and strolled for a while. She chose the game of using the toy pistol to break the balloon. Stanford was a bit helpless when he looked at this toy rifle. This was apparently the first time that he touched this kind of plastic stuff. Previously, what he held in his hands were all the real guns and bullets. “Flory, which doll do you want?” Florence looked at the inside and pointed to the largest doll. “I want that one!” That was the special prize. One had to shoot accurately twenty times in order to win that. Normally, it was already considered powerful for an ordinary person that could shoot more than ten balloons. Most of them had to rely on luck as the aim of this gun was not so accurate. “Alright. ” Stanford nodded, picked up the gun, aimed and fired a shot. ‘Bang’. After a muffled sound, the bullet was shot on the shelf behind the balloon. Stanford was stunned for a while, he surprisingly missed it? What the hell, he was a crack shot who could shoot accurately without missing! “Nineteen more rounds, Stanford. Hang in there. ” “I’ll change gun and start over. ” Stanford took a new gun and recounted. What he wanted was not to hit nineteen times, but to hit all of them! What Florence wanted was the special prize. This time, Stanford figured out how did this toy gun work. Its aim was deliberately out of focus but since it was in his hands, there would never be a situation in which he would miss for the second time. ‘Bang’. After a loud bang, the balloon burst. Then, followed by the second shot, the third shot, the fourth shot…All shots hit the balloon. After firing eighteen shots continuously, even the boss was not calm anymore. He stared at Stanford and his eyes widened in great surprise. This was the first time that he saw a person who could continuously fire more than ten shots without stopping and missing. Was his oversized doll that had been hanging there since he started the business about to be taken away by this man? The boss felt as if a knife had pierced through his heart. He stared at Stanford and breathed nervously while silently chanting in his mind. ‘Please miss, please miss, please miss. ’ ‘Pop’. Another shot was fired and the balloon burst. “Awesome!” “Too handsome!” “He’s simply a crack shot. He is with 100 percent accuracy, there is one shot left!” At some point, there was a large group of people in the surrounding, especially women. With a face of nymphomaniac excitement, they all looked at Stanford and they were seemingly eager to stick to his body. Although Stanford was with a mask that covered his extraordinarily handsome face, with his awesome shooting skills, he became the focus of the entire scene again, making a group of women admire him very much. Florence was helpless. What kind of experience was it to have an elder brother who was capable to attract women? It was just like what she encountered now. Stanford did not immediately fire the last shot but he looked at Florence beside him

Not to mention she avoided bearing bad consequences by letting him bear them, even if she let him devote his life to her, he would not hesitate also. He reached out and dotingly caressed Florence’s hair. “It’ll be fine as long as you’re happy

. Let’s go for skydiving. ” The word ‘skydiving’ instantly crept Florence out. She did not want to do that kind of extreme challenge at all. It was too scary. Her eyes flashed and she reached out and pointed to another smaller doll inside. “I still want that one, can you win it back for me?”Her voice was soft and she was somewhat acting like a spoiled child. Stanford’s heart entirely melted. He simply could not say no. Was this the situation that he despised previously in which one could not reject the request of someone who acted like a spoiled child? Indeed, after having a younger sister, all the principles became meaningless. “Okay, hold on. ”Stanford decisively picked up the gun again. His action was dashing and was so stunning that others could not turn away their eyes. When Florence saw him start shooting again, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He was too good at shooting and shooting also could only stall him for a short time. She had to find other ways to continue to stall him. The boss, however, felt bad. With a blue face, he stood there in despair and just felt that his future was dark and his life was hopeless. Was this man who was a crack shot really going to win until he went bankrupt?He was merely running a small business and he hoped that he could let go of him. The women became even more excited as they could see this handsome man show his skill again. They could not help but go forward some more and were closer to Stanford. If it was not because they worried that they might affect his shooting, they already uncontrollably wanted to run to his side to ask for his phone number and beg him to be in a relationship with them. When more people came closer, Florence was forced to stand in the crowd. She had no choice but to walk to the side slightly to dodge them but when she walked away, those people moved forward again so Florence was squeezed further. Her original position of standing next to Stanford had already been replaced by others. Florence was helpless. She thought about whether to squeeze in or walk out and at this time, she heard the crowd’s excited screams. “Awesome! Another ten shots in a row!”The women cheered excitedly and the people behind wanted to see the scene at the front so they all scrambled to squeeze forward. Florence, who was at a loss what to do was immediately squeezed to the point in which she could not stand still. She was squeezed out while carrying the large doll. She was squeezed out of the crowd. She continuously took several steps backward and it seemed that she was going to fall. Damn, it would be very painful if she fell. Florence closed her eyes in fear but the next second, instead of falling to the ground, she bumped into a man’s broad arms. At this moment, an unusually familiar breath came. Apparently, she had stayed in his embrace countless times…