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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 330: She Implied Him Not to Leave

Georgia slightly furrowed her brows and then walked to the bed and sat down. She said in a low voice, “Ernest, why do you still look gloomy like? Florence agrees to marry you, why are you still unhappy? If you scare my granddaughter-in-law-to-be and she runs away, I will not get even with you easily. ” Marry him? Ernest pressed his lips and said in a cold voice, “She will not marry me. ” “Nonsense. She will definitely marry you. ” Georgia retorted Ernest firmly, “Moreover, as far as I can see, Florence is arranging something and I guess it’s related to you. ” Ernest still pulled a long face and didn’t reply. Looking at his gloomy expression, Georgia could roughly guess what was in her grandson’s mind. She felt quite helpless. Although Ernest was so talented and invincible in the business world, he did not have a good emotional intelligence and was so dumb when encountering emotional problems. She said patiently, “Ernest, do you want to bet with me?” Ernest didn’t even glance at her. Apparently he had no interest in betting with his grandma and he didn’t even want to learn about what it was. Georgia didn’t take it to her heart. She continued, “I bet that when you leave the hospital tomorrow, Florence will give you the exact answer and you will learn whether she’s willing to marry you or not. ” Georgia paused, a trace of sagaciousness flashing across her eyes, “If you lose the bet, you should marry her when she tells you that she wants to marry you in the future. ” Marry Florence? This almost became one of Ernest’s dreams. He shrugged his shoulders, “As your wish. ” Florence would leave him tomorrow. At that time, he would have no more illusions at that time. Even though he loved her so much, he would not pester her and force her to stay by his side. Although Ernest felt very reluctant after getting along with her in the hospital, he thought he could accept it. Ernest would leave the hospital at four o’clock in the next afternoon. Florence watched the doctors change medicine for Ernest and was ready to leave after confirming the time for him to leave the hospital. Right at this moment, Ernest’s voice sounded, “Are you still leaving today?” “Yeah. ” Florence nodded. She had been highly strung up during the past two days, as the time was really limited while she had to arrange the villa and at the same time come to the hospital to take care of Ernest. There was only one day left, yet she hadn’t finished her arrangement and still had to deal with many things. Ernest’s face became gloomier when he saw how resolute and impatient Florence was. He said in a lower voice, “I will leave the hospital at four o’clock tomorrow and the other patient would move into this ward. Shouldn’t you pack up our luggage in advance?” Florence was a bit surprised as she hadn’t expected that the other patient would move into this ward after Ernest’s departure. She took a glance at her wristwatch and found that there was little time left

“Knock it off. Not everyone is so erotic like you. ”“Isn’t that probable? In such a romantic house, a man together with a woman, which man can resist such a temptation?”Phoebe winked at Florence and joked, “Come on, tell me, did you have sex with Ernest before?”Florence subconsciously recalled a scene

. Although she and Ernest didn’t have sex in the end, all their clothes were removed. If Ernest wanted her tonight…Florence’s face became redder. She felt ashamed and ran towards the door. “All right, it’s late now. I have to go to the hospital. ”“See how impatient you are. Don’t worry, Ernest will not run away. ”Phoebe joked why following Florence to the door. When she was about to close the door, she involuntarily looked into the house. It was really romantic and sweet. Phoebe thought whether if she should buy a condom for Florence. Or should she just let it be?“Phoebe, the taxi I hailed just now has arrived. I will leave first. Be careful when you drive back home. ”Florence, who was standing by the roadside, reminded Phoebe. To keep the arrangement a secret for Ernest, during the past several days, Florence would hail a taxi when she came back to the villa instead of asking Phoebe to give her a ride. Phoebe turned around and waved at her, “I know you’re so anxious to meet your man. You can leave now. ”“How loquacious!’Florence scolded her with a smile and then got on the car. She then looked out of the window and said, “If Ernest accepts my confession, I will treat you a big meal. ”“I’m looking forward to it. ”Phoebe patted her belly and joked. Florence was also in a good mood. She then gestured the driver to start the car. Florence took a glance at her wristwatch and found that there were twenty minutes left, which was enough for her to arrive at the hospital before four o’clock.