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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 621: She Is My Whole Life

The two bodyguards carrying the stretcher didn’t move gently at all. The stretcher was tossed up and down as they walked, and consequently, Benjamin bumped his injuries on the stretcher. Benjamin felt a sharp pain and was awakened. He frowned because of the pain. Before he could get over the pain, he heard a familiar voice. He recognized instantly that he was Theodore Turner. The patriarch of the Turner family! He was shocked but also surprised. He turned his head with great difficulty and saw Theodore accompanied the elders of the Turner family. He was at the Turners’ Mansion in Farnfoss City. The Turners’ Mansion was his place! All people here were his men! Benjamin was overjoyed. He didn’t expect that Ernest was dare to take him back to the Turners’ Mansion. He had been desperate, but now he saw hope. Regardless of the gaping wounds on his body, he tried hard to get up slightly with one hand holding the stretcher. And then he shouted hysterically in a hoarse voice, “Patriarch, it’s me! It’s me, I’m Benjamin!” His hoarse voice was distorted a lot, but one could still tell that it was Benjamin’s voice. Theodore had been doubting who was the man lying on the stretcher and now he confirmed his identity completely. However, he couldn’t believe truth. All the people from the Turner’s family who were at present were astonished and stared at the man lying on the stretcher in disbelief. Was he a complete human being? His entire body was burned with no fresh skin left. And according to what were visible in his clothes, he lost at least an arm and a leg. He was severely injured and disabled but still alive. It was a miracle. Why did Benjamin end up this way? Once a handsome young man with a promising future, he was now burned seriously and disabled. Didn’t it mean his life was ruined? The Turner family members were in an awful mess as if they just witnessed a bomb exploding in front of them. They were all too astounded to collect themselves. Looking at their shocked and confused faces, Benjamin felt desperate but soon he struggled and shouted, “Patriarch, I’m not destroyed completely. There is hope. Please help me! You must save me! It is Ernest, it’s Ernest who did this to me

Ernest seemed to feel Florence’s anger so he slightly tightened his hand holding Florence’s hand. He lowered his head close to her ear and whispered, “I don’t care how those unimportant people treat me. ” To him, the Turner family and all of the family members were only a stepping stone to find Florence

. As for their affection …Ernest took a glance at Theodore who had always wore an indifferent face, and then sneered. He didn’t need their affection. Florence blinked as she looked at Ernest and held his hand tightly. What he suffered broke her heart. He was one of their family members but was treated unfairly and badly. She stared at Ernest sincerely and said word by word, “In this world, I’m the one who cares you most. ”Ernest’s eyes glittered and the coldness on his face disappeared instantly. He couldn’t help cracking a smile and gave a little murmur. “Enough. ”She was his whole life. Stanford was disgusted by the elder’s attitude. Whoever tried to defend the man that had hurt his sister was criminal. With coldness in his eyes, he took a step forward and placed a sharp knife at Benjamin’s neck. Benjamin’s neck, covered with wounds, broke immediately with blood oozing from it. The blood flowing through the wounds on his body, looking terrible and disgusting. The elder changed color dramatically and uttered in a rush, “Mr. Fraser, what do you mean by this? Stop it!”No one knew how had was Benjamin hurt and he could be killed if Stanford cut his neck with any force. Stanford kept the knife close to Benjamin’s neck and curled his lips with coldness. He said loudly, “Benjamin Turner kidnapped and hurt my sister. If the Turner family keeps trying to cover for him instead of giving an explanation, I will kill him in person. ”There was no kidding in the cold and harsh words. He absolutely would do it. Right at the Turner family’s place and in front of all those people, he would kill their confirmed heir!