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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 280: She Liked Him Truly

On the other end of the line, the man’s voice fluctuated a bit, but he still maintained a calm and cold tone, “Make it clear. ” “I gathered with Anthony and others in the bar. When we first came in, we. ” “Straight to the point,” Ernest interrupted Harold’s nonsense impatiently. Harold was choked a bit, curling his lips. Although Ernest’s voice sounded still so calm, his anxiety was shown in his words. Harold guessed that Ernest must be quite anxious now. It was rare that Ernest became so anxious, Harold wanted to keep him in suspense. However, after the second thought, he didn’t have the guts. After all, Ernest was too powerful and petty, and Harold didn’t think he could afford to offend Ernest. He could only answer honestly, “I saw Phoebe chatting with Florence on WeChat. Florence said she seemed to have a crush on a man, so she wanted to find a way to confirm. ” From the other end, although the man’s voice sounded somewhat stiff, he asked pretty quickly, “What’s the result?” “Phoebe sent her a romance quiz, but Florence hasn’t replied the result yet, so I didn’t see it. ” “Whom did she want to test?” Hearing the man’s voice that was pretended to be calm but with nervousness and eagerness, Harold suddenly felt coward. He answered in a low voice, “I don’t know. ” Nothing replied to him from the other end. A cold silence passed through the phone. Harold felt as if he had received the cold air emanated from Ernest. He felt chill from his soles. In a hurry, he added, “Although I’m not sure yet, the man Florence likes must be you. Are you with her in Riverside City now?” Upon hearing it, Ernest wasn’t comforted at all. The man who was with her in Riverside City could be Reynold as well. “If you got anything new, just inform me. ” After finishing his words, Ernest hung up the phone. He stared out of the window in depression. His peaceful and calm heart was fluctuated violently by this phone call. Florence had a crush on someone. Whom did she have a crush on? Was it him? Or was it Reynold? Ernest had always been self-confident. However, at this moment, he wasn’t so confident. He was even nervous. He couldn’t analyze logically with his reason and find out who had the highest possibility to make Florence have a crush on. Probably, the most direct way was to get the answer from her. Since she had a crush on someone, she must know the person who she liked. However, if he needed to ask her directly, Ernest, who was always brave, stiffed motionlessly. He was standing next to the French window, looking down the dazzling lights of the city, feeling flustered. Florence was doing the quiz. She didn’t know what had happened ever since. With her cell phone in her hands, she finished the last question. Then she submitted her answer and checked the result

He also called Timothy on the way, “Sent me a formal suit. ”On the other of the phone, Timothy, who just woke up, was confused. A formal suit? Wasn’t the suit Mr

. Hawkins usually wore not formal enough?Timothy checked his cell phone again and ensured it was Ernest’s phone call. He was not dreaming. “Knock. Knock. Knock. ”In the early morning, Florence heard there were knocks on her door. She hadn’t woken up yet. Opening her eyes dizzily, she looked over at the door in confusion. She wondered who would come to her room so early. Usually, nobody would come to her room except Ernest, who always came over. Was it Ernest?At the thought of the possibility, Florence immediately sobered up. She sat up on the bed. The quiz result that she got last night popped back into her mind instantly. She had a crush on him and he had fully occupied her heart. She hadn’t digested the result yet, so she didn’t know how to face him. How could he come to her now?Florence panicked. “Knock. Knock. ”The knocks sounded again. Florence felt more flustered. Immediately, she answered, “I’ll be right there. Please wait a minute. ”She hopped off the bed in a hurry, rushed to the bathroom to tidy herself up, and put on her clothes as fast as she could. Five minutes later, Florence ran to the door. Grabbing the doorknob, she gasped. Then she opened the door. Feeling a bit nervous, she said, “Mr. Hawkins, why did you come here so early. ”Before she could finish her words, Florence saw the man’s look clearly. Then she swallowed back the rest of her words. It wasn’t Ernest by Reynold at her door. Upon hearing her words, Reynold felt quite surprised. However, he quickly put on a smile on his handsome mixed-raced face. “Good morning, Flory. It’s me