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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 263: She Misunderstood Him

Ernest was a powerful CEO and numerous designers would come to design the best apparel for him if he ordered. Even if he wanted to design the apparel by himself, a number of designers were willing to help him. But he chose her. Although this was partly because she recommended herself to him, Tina thought that she herself was the largest reason why Ernest agreed to her proposal was. It was not that easy for a man to refuse the invitation of a beauty after all. Florence gazed at Ernest in astonishment, feeling dumbfounded. Why didn’t she know that Ernest also had interest in designing wedding dress? Florence’s heartbeat inexplicably accelerated when she imagined the scene when Ernest was designing the dress and then appreciating it. It seemed that Ernest had been saying that he wanted to marry her. If he really designed a wedding dress, would she be the one to wear it? No, no. Florence shook her head. Ernest had acquiesced in cancelling their engagement when they came back to City N. Therefore, they would not get married, and this had nothing to do with her. Ernest landed his gaze on Tina, but at the next moment, he shifted it to Florence. Fixing his eyes on her, he said in a low voice, “I want to design a wedding dress. ” Florence froze as she was extremely shocked at the moment. Ernest actually planned to design a wedding dress, and by himself. What did he intend to do? Fixing his eyes on Florence, who was trying to maintain her composure, Ernest curled his lips into a teasing smile and continued, “I’m not that experienced in this field. Can you help me?” He was asking for her help! Florence felt her heart beating so quickly that it was about to jump out of her chest when she thought of the words ‘wedding dress’. She had been associating the wedding dress that Ernest mentioned to herself out of no reason. But he didn’t say that the wedding dress was for her and they intended to cancel the engagement… She had thought too much about it, absolutely. But Florence’s heart was still throbbing wildly and she couldn’t control it. Even her breaths were trembling. She didn’t dare to look at Ernest and stammered, “I… Ahem… I have no experience in this field either. I don’t know it. ” “The designing of different types of apparel is similar. If you don’t know it, you’re not qualified to be a designer in the Hawkins Group. ” Ernest said righteously. Florence was lost for words. If she retorted him again, it was equal to admit that she was not a qualified designer. But except having an ambiguous relationship with Ernest, he was also her boss. This was related to her work and to whether she could stay in the Hawkins Group or not. Florence twitched her mouth. She didn’t dare to refuse him, nor did she dare to agree to the request. She rolled her eyes and then looked up at Tina

He furrowed his brows and took a step forward and then held Florence up from the ground. “Ah. ” Florence was startled by the sudden weightlessness and involuntarily wrapped her arms around Ernest’s neck

. She felt breathless when she looked at the man at her fingertips. “Mr. Hawkins, what are you doing? Please put me down. ”Ernest ignored Florence’s struggle. With Florence in his forceful arms, he strode towards the bedroom and then gently put her onto the bed. When she was free, Florence rolled to the other side of the bed regardless of her image as a lady and swiftly jumped of the bed. When she was ready to run away, the man’s cold and suppressing voice sounded from behind. “Get on the bed!”Was she that silly to follow his order?Florence complaint in her mind, but her reaction betrayed her. She froze, not daring to take a step forward. Florence felt embarrassed and distained herself in her mind. Ernest knitted his brows and strode to the other side of the bed and walked towards Florence. Florence immediately became nervous when he approached her and her whole body tensed up. “Don’t… don’t come over! You said you won’t do anything to me before. You can’t be so shameless and indecent. You…”Florence screamed, but suddenly paused. He gazed at the man in front of her in astonishment, more precisely, she was gazing at the pair of slippers in his hand. Ernest walked to Florence and squatted down. He then grabbed her ankle in his big palm and gently lifted her foot. Florence was completely dumbfounded. With her eyes widened, she witnessed Ernest grabbing her ankles one by one and put a pair of slippers on her feet. It turned out that she carried her into the bedroom because she was barefoot. This man…Florence’s heart thumped wildly. His movements were quick and methodical when he squatted down and put slippers on her feet just now. Moreover, he was so elegant, noble and charming when he was doing that. He then stood on her feet and stood on a place that was half a step away from Florence and fixed his eyes on her. He chuckled, “Shameless. Indecent. What else?”Florence flushed from her face to her ears. She felt so embarrassed!