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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 238: She Sat Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Another Man

In the past few days, she seemed not to meet him face-to-face once. Even if she saw him on the way, she would hide away from him. Also, Ernest didn’t have the intention to greet her either, and he just brushed past her. Today in the restaurant, it was the first time that they met face-to-face. Looking at the man who was walking to her step by step, Florence felt that her heart was tightened violently. She didn’t know what to do and how to face him. Then, by instinct, she stood up before she could realize what she was doing. Reynold frowned. “Florence, what’s up?” He wondered if Florence couldn’t continue suppressing any longer when finally seen Ernest after those days. Reynold tightened his hand to hold the chopsticks, his heart keeping sinking. Florence looked away and said in a stiff voice, “I’m done eating. I’ve got to go now. ” After finishing speaking, without the guts to look into Ernest’s eyes, she turned around and walked the other way. No matter if Ernest came to find her, she almost couldn’t breathe because of the nervousness. She didn’t dare to face any possibility and even his approach. She decided to dodge it before anything happened. Ernest paused a bit. Looking at Florence deeply, he watched her walked farther and farther away from him. In the past few days, whenever she saw him, she would dodge from him ahead of time. She even didn’t want to get closer to him. And she had reached an extreme today -- just because he came to the restaurant, she left without finishing lunch. Ernest couldn’t help but wonder if she thought him a monster so she tried every possible meant to dodge from him. Feeling so depressed, Ernest strode over and blocked Florence’s way at the restaurant entrance. Looking at the tall and strong figure in front, Florence had to pause her paces, her heart hammering. Looking at him, she asked in a stiff voice, “Hi, Mr. Hawkins. What can I do for you?” Her attitude distanced her so far away from him as if they were total strangers. Ernest looked more annoyed. He stared at her gloomily and breathed heavily. Frowning for a long while, he said in a low voice, “Help me choose the dishes. ” He was giving a command when speaking those words. Florence’s heart couldn’t help but tremble. She recalled that when they were in City N, Ernest often asked her to do so. At that time, she couldn’t refuse, so she had helped him choose the dishes by tasting all of them like his personal chef. But she wondered why he would ask her to do so at this moment. Florence had made up her mind, so she was quite determined. She refused in a harsh tone, “I’m sorry. I have to work, and I don’t have time to do so. ” Ernest stiffed slightly. This was the first time that she refused this request from him. Florence felt so flustered

Hence, they could tell that he must have some bad intentions for Florence. Moreover, he fully focused on Florence and seemingly spent a lot of effort on her. He wanted to gain her heart for sure

. However, Florence was quite slow in such things. She was still taking Reynold as her mentor and friend so far. If this kept going on, Reynold would gain Florence’s heart sooner or later. At the thought of it, Timothy wondered what Mr. Hawkins could do in that case. He had been working for Ernest for so many years. However, this was the first time that he had witnessed that Ernest fell in love with a woman. And in the past few months, he also witnessed how much Ernest cared about Florence. Florence absolutely had occupied Ernest’s heart. Timothy didn’t think that Mr. Hawkins would give up on Florence. But the current situation couldn’t go on. If so, Reynold would probably win Florence’s heart sooner. Timothy approached Ernest and whispered, “Mr. Hawkins, I don’t think you should keep the cold war with Ms. Fraser. ”Ernest frowned. “When did I have a cold war with her?”“You both didn’t speak these days, did you? Whenever you saw each other, you dodged. ”“It was she who always dodged from me,” Ernest retorted crossly, frowning deeply. Since that day, he knew that she was so furious and also she had made up her mind to call off their engagement. He could be calm and smart on the business battlefield, but Ernest didn’t know how to do with Florence. He could wait for Florence to calm down and reconcile with her slowly. He came to the restaurant to make up with her, but it was obvious that Florence was still angry. At the thought of it, Ernest pressed his temples, feeling so helpless. It wasn’t until now did Timothy understand. It turned out that he had misunderstood what Mr. Hawkins was doing. However, as an outsider, he strongly felt that Mr, Hawkins was having a cold war with Florence by dealing with this matter in such away. It was indeed not a good method to make up for their relationship. Depressed, Timothy said, “Mr. Hawkins, you should always be with her if you want to please a woman. Even just showing up would be fine. Then your relationship could be made up. ”Ernest’s expression changed a bit. He gazed in the direction where Florence had gone. Faintly, he still could see her walking with Reynold shoulder-by-shoulder. Irritation surged in his heart again.