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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 278: She Seemed to Have a Crush on Him

Under everyone’s gaze, Florence was carried by Ernest in his arms all the way out of the banquet hall. When he strode out of the door and disappeared into those people’s sights, Florence finally couldn’t feel those heated gazes. Looking at the man who was so close to her, she felt that her heart was hammering violently. She said in a weak tone, “Well. You can put me down now. ” Ernest paused his steps, but he didn’t put her down. Lowering his head, he looked at the woman in his arms deeply. He said in a low and serious voice, “Keep your distance from Reynold Myron in the future. ” This was the first time that he gave her such a request clearly and so seriously. Florence was taken aback for a moment. She felt surprised. Without thinking too much, she blurted out, “Are you jealous?” After finishing her questions, Florence realized what she had asked. She blushed immediately. She was his nominal fiancée, so she was part of Ernest’s dignity. If such a scandal occurred, he would be the humiliated one. After all, no man was willing to be cheated on. It would be natural for him to warn her. He must have done it for the sake of his dignity. Florence believed that she had flattered herself when asking such a question. With a blushed face, she wanted to explain. However, she saw the man’s pressed thin lips part. Then he uttered a word that shocked her, “Yes. ” He glinted at her in seriousness. Florence gaped. She thought that she had misheard something, so she mistook his answer. Otherwise, as a superior man, how could Ernest admit that he was jealous? He was Ernest Hawkins, the emperor-liked man! Looking at Florence’s changing expression, Ernest frowned slightly. Staring at her, he added, “Keep your distance from other men. Otherwise, I’ll make them vanished directly. ” It was an aggressive threat. It also proved his answer . Mr. Hawkins was jealous. Florence’s lips parted, but she couldn’t utter a word. She was so shocked that her mind went blank. She didn’t know how to react. However, her heart was almost lost control . it hammered so violently that it seemed to fly out of her chest and get close to the man. Florence was in a daze all the way. She didn’t know how she was sent back to her room by Ernest. After he had left for a long while, she finally returned to her senses. However, Ernest’s handsome face kept wandering in her mind and his words kept reechoing in her ears. “Keep your distance with other men

Florence: “I know what it feels like when liking someone, but this time is so different. I’m not sure if I like him. Phoebe, I want to confirm my feelings

. ” Phoebe: “You like him but you can’t confirm your feelings. Flory, are you sure that it’s not the love?” Reading the line on the cell phone screen, Florence was startled. Her heart almost stopped beating. Love? How could it be. Phoebe: “Flory, are you still there? Did I get straight to the point? By the way, to ensure if you like someone or not, I have an idea. ”Florence: “What is it?”Phoebe: “I have a small quiz containing all questions about the romance. I’ll send the quiz to you. Just do it one after another. If you achieved a mark that’s higher than sixty points, you sure have a crush on the man. ”Florence’s mouth corners twitched. Wasn’t this kind of quiz popular in schoolgirls? She wondered how accurate it would be. Phoebe might still think herself a schoolgirl, didn’t she?Florence was a bit depressed. She gave up the idea that to let Phoebe help her. When she was about to tell Phoebe to forget about it, Phoebe sent her a file. The title was simple and blunt . “How Deep Is Your Love”. At the first glimpse, Florence felt as if it was something that was promoted by some marketing account. Florence didn’t believe it at all. However, her finger tabbed the file gently. It was downloaded. After the download was finished, Florence was still wondering why she would download it. Since it was downloaded, she decided to roughly go through the questions. For some reason, Florence tab the file open. On the other end of the phone. Phoebe looked through her chatting log with Florence, feeling so curious. She couldn’t help wondering whom on earth Florence had a crush on. Judging from what she said, Phoebe believed that it was true love. After Florence had done the quiz, Phoebe decided to answer her for more details. While she was thinking, a man’s head approached her, clinging to hers intimately. He looked in the direction where her cell phone screen was. “What are you looking at?”Phoebe answered casually, “My babe has a crush on someone. ”“Your babe?”The man’s expression changed a big. He continued, “Who is your babe?”“Of course it’s Fl. ”Phoebe hadn’t finished her words yet but suddenly she realized something wrong. Immediately, she turned around and distanced herself from the man, pushing away the man who was approaching. “Harold Hammer, stay away from me. Don’t take advantage of me!”