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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 351: She Threw Up on Ernest

She should not drink liquor if she could not hold it well. Ernest wanted to kick her away out of annoyance yet she did not move a leg. He frowned and held her up from his legs. “Florence, wake up. ” He held her shoulders and tried to make her look at him, yet her body was weak like noodles and she fell straight into his arms. The mixture of the pungent smell of alcohol and her bland body fragrance actually formed a smell that made him moved. Ernest froze and he looked at the woman in front of her who was clinging towards him. She unconsciously put her arms around his neck and cuddled towards his chest, closing her eyes wanting to sleep. Without support, her body slid down. Ernest instantly held her due to reflex and she clung towards him closer. The soft texture that he had longed for days and nights sparked the desire inside him almost immediately and he lost his self-control. “Send her home!” Ernest ordered with a coarse voice. He carried her up and walked towards the car beside the road. God knows how much effort he had used to forbid himself from doing things to her. Timothy quickly opened the backdoor of the car with deference. He could not help but admire his master’s self control ability. Miss Fraser had become that drunk and she had even clung towards him. Any ordinary man would have lost his control. With a gloomy look, Ernest wanted to put Florence into the car. Yet as he had just approached the car seat, Florence started to struggle. “That smells awful, I don’t want to get in. ” She struggled very hard and wanted to get down. Ernest quickly held her tighter and took a few steps backward. He looked at her who was in his arms and frowned, saying patiently, “Stop it, get into the car and go home. ” “No, I’m feeling unwell. Let go of me. ” Florence’s face contorted and she muttered. She struggled and wanted to get down. Yet she could not stand straight and was falling towards the side. Ernest could only pull her back into his arms. Florence struggled, looking unwell. “Let go of me, let go of me…” Her strength was little yet she still insisted to push him away, contrary to what she looked like just now, when she insisted to cling towards him. Ernest felt his head ached and he rubbed his temples, jerking her back to his arms

Seeing the stain on Ernest’s chest, it seemed to be the girl’s doing. They instantly imagined a scenario. That drunken girl had pounced on Mr

. Hawkins boldly, yet due to the alcoholic effect, she had thrown up at him without even approaching him, and she had provoked Mr. Hawkins. Seeing him forcibly taking her in, they wondered how he would deal with her. Would he do the business with her? As they were imagining all sorts of conditions, they noticed Ernest had reached the counter, and he rumbled, “Give me a presidential suite. ” As he spoke, he tossed a credit card onto the counter casually. The front desk ladies were all shocked with mouth agape. Their conjecture had been proven true. Mr. Hawkins was angry that he wanted to do the business with the girl!Although that girl was still struggling, and she looked reluctant, but…Damn how envious they were. It turned out Mr. Hawkins liked that type of scenario. Once they had gotten drunk next time, they must find a chance to approach him and throw up at him. Seeing the front desk ladies all went absent-minded, he bawled impatiently, “Get me a room!” Feeling a chill down their spine, they quickly reacted. “Yes, yes, will do. ” They hurriedly processed and gave him a room card, yet they were secretly complaining. Hawkins who could not wait to satisfy his libido was that handsome!Ernest took the room card and no longer glimpsed at them. He half dragged and half carried Florence while striding towards the lift. Timothy who was left outside was in a daze as he stood in the wind alone. Had Mr. Hawkins forgotten something?Ernest was pulling a long face as he brought Florence all the way to the room. He let her drink some water and rinse her mouth, and put her onto the couch. “Sit here. ” He paused and ordered with a gloomy look, “Don’t move. ” Florence lied on the couch like a boneless squid. She looked at the man before her in confusion and nodded docilely. There was an obedient smile on her face. Ernest’s anger vanished when he saw that. He could not get angry anymore. He then glanced at her again with worry before striding towards the bathroom. He could not hold the stain on him any longer and he had to wash it away this instant! The splashing sound of water was heard after he entered the bathroom