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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 148: She Wanted to Leave Him

Florence shook her head helplessly. This question was a headache for her. “I don’t know what I should do now. Moreover, Ernest…” Florence felt it hard to spill out the following words. When recalling that Ernest had been making a pass at her and constantly telling her that he would marry her recently, Florence felt flustered and confused. Could it be that Ernest didn’t intend to cancel the engagement? “Flory, don’t be anxious. I can help you. Tell me, do you want to cancel your engagement?” Florence nodded her head. A smile appeared on Cooper’s gloomy face. He reached out to grab Florence’s shoulders and said in a somehow anticipating and exciting sound, “Do you want to leave Ernest?” Leave Ernest? She would have no relationship with Ernest after cancelling the engagement and they would not have any contact either. Florence had mentally prepared herself for it earlier. But when being asked about this question, she felt uncomfortable out of no reasons. Maybe it was because she had been accustomed to him recently and had taken him as one of her friends. But as they were not of the same world, they were bound to separate each other. Florence hesitated for a while and replied in a soft voice, “Yes. ” The man not far away from them paused. Ernest heard her answer when going downstairs. -‘Do you want to leave Ernest?’ -‘Yes. ’ Charlotte, who followed Ernest, felt delighted when hearing the conversation and noticing Ernest’s gloomy expressions. Florence really hadn’t disappointed her. She met Cooper alone and let Ernest hear that conversation. Florence must have been assigned by God to help her to be Ernest’s wife. Hiding her joyful emotions, Charlotte shouted in shock, “Sister, what are you talking about? Why do you want to leave Ernest?” Florence immediately turned around when hearing her voice and unexpectedly saw Ernest. Her heart missed one beat and she felt flustered out of no reasons. Ernest’s stared at her gloomily and dangerously. Shrouded by a cold and imposing aura, he walked towards Florence step by step. Florence felt panicked and nervous. When racked her brain for a solution to cope with the current situation, Cooper pulled her behind him. He stood in front of Florence like a wall that could shelter her from the upcoming wind and rain. He looked into Ernest’s eyes without any trace of fear, his aura was quite strong. “Mr. Hawkins, Florence wants to leave you. It’s her inner thought

If they were careful enough, they would find out that Ernest’s aura became less cold. Seeing that Ernest was not going to cooperate with her show, Florence was a bit flustered. She gritted her teeth and gazed at Ernest affectionately while saying with grievance, “You know me

. I only have you in my mind. ” Cooper was rendered speechless. Where was the person who said resolutely that she would cancel the engagement?He felt that the wind was so strong at the moment and felt quite confused and speechless. Ernest’s handsome face was still expressionless as usual. He knew deep down that what Florence said just now was a lie, but his mood was improved out of no reasons. He reached out to Florence, “Come here. ”His fingers were fair and slender, making his hand quite pleasant to eyes. Florence was fascinated by them. She felt relieved. Luckily, Ernest finally intended to cooperate with her show. However, when she was about to walk towards Ernest, Cooper tightened his grip and refused to let her go. Florence looked towards him in confusion and called his name in a low voice, “Cooper. ”Cooper knitted his brows tightly. He wanted to tell Florence that she didn’t need to be afraid of anything and that she should just follow her inner thoughts. He wanted to tell her that he could shelter her and give her everything she wanted. She wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to compromise. However, when feeling that Florence was struggling to break free from him, he felt heartbroken and couldn’t even utter a syllable. Although he wanted to grasp her, he could only loosen the grip slowly. Being released, Florence hurriedly took a step forward and obediently put her small hand onto Ernest’s palm. His palm was as warm as a stove. Ernest grasped her hand and pulled her into his arms. Florence’s cheeks turned red. She felt unease and wanted to push him away for a little bit. But Ernest’s low voice sounded in her ear, “Remember what you have said just now. ”What? She said a lot just now. Before Florence could figure it out, she heard Ernest’s charming voice, “You only have I in your mind. ”She could only have him in her mind. Florence was stiffened and her heartbeat accelerated. She was just acting just now. Wasn’t he clear of it?Why did she feel that he had taken it seriously?