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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 687: She Was Bullied

Florence was puzzled but she didn’t ask any questions in the end. After walking for a while, the young girl led Florence through a small garden. They reached the furthest point that was diagonally opposite their starting point and entered the legendary dressing room. It really deserved to be called as a dressing room. It was even bigger than her dressing room in the Frasers' Mansion. One could even say that this was a clothing store that had a medium or large scale. In the dressing room, there were many shelves that were neatly filled with stacks of men’s and women’s clothing. Different kinds of clothes were hanging on multiple clothes racks. If this place wasn’t located in the woman’s house, Florence would suspect that this place was actually a clothing store. The young girl looked around the dressing room and eventually ran up to a shelf that was located deep in the dressing room. “Beautiful sister, your clothes are here. ” Florence followed the young girl and walked up to the shelf. She then saw her complete set of clothes that was placed on the shelf. At the side of her clothes, there was Ernest’s large cotton padded coat. However, his other clothes were not in sight. She thought that he had already worn them. Florence originally wanted to take all of her clothes, but considering the weather, she could just wear a layer of clothing or a dress. She would only sleep in that room temporarily and moreover, it seemed that there was a local custom of refraining from placing other things in their rooms. After hesitating for a while, she only took the clothes she needed. Carrying her clothes, Florence passed through the small garden again. After she had reached the room in which she woke up just now, she changed her clothes. As for her previous clothes, she would wash them. While holding her pajamas, Florence went out of the room. After searching the whole house, she didn’t find any washing machines or any special places to wash the clothes. She could only wash them in the bathroom. Just when she turned on the tap and was about to wash the clothes, she heard the young girl who was at the side talking in a nervous tone. “Beautiful sister, you cannot wash your clothes here. You will be scolded. ” Florence suddenly froze before she could wet the clothes. The young girl had been a great help to her. Moreover, she was innocent and kind. Florence believed her words instinctively. She was puzzled and asked, “Why can’t I wash my clothes here?” “This is a rule in the house. We wash our clothes at the side of the river. ” Florence was surprised and widened her eyes. She didn’t know how to react to the young girl’s words. They washed their clothes at the side of the river? Didn’t they only do it in the past? What era did they live in? Furthermore, it was not that the house didn’t have water supply. Florence didn’t really want to go there, but the young girl walked up to her and gently tugged at Florence’s sleeve with her small hand. “Beautiful sister, I will bring you to the side of the river. If you wash your clothes in the house, you will really be scolded

This was great. No wonder he was her man. Thinking about him, Florence couldn’t help but smile

. She soaked her clothes in the river water happily. But at the next moment, her expression immediately changed. Her hands jolted out of the water. Why was the water so cold? This was clearly ice water!Immediately when her hands were in contact with the water, she felt extremely cold. How should she wash her clothes now?This was simply punishment. She definitely would not wash her clothes here. Florence made the decision at once. She took her clothes that were partially wet and headed towards the house. Just after she took two steps towards the house, sharp and piercing criticisms could be heard not far away from her location. The woman who lived in the house pointed at Florence rudely and scolded loudly. “You are a good-for-nothing. You haven’t washed your clothes, but you have decided to return. Who are you fooling?”Florence’s temples twitched. It was the first time she was insulted in public like that. She frowned, “The river water is too cold. I plan to return and wash them. ”When she washed up just now, she knew that the water in the bathroom was at room temperature and was not freezing cold. The woman immediately scolded her more furiously. “All of us wash our clothes here. Since others do not mind the cold, why do you mind it? Wretched woman, get back there. Wash your clothes until they are clean and then come back!”Standing at the same spot, Florence froze and had a dazed look on her face. Even if she had a good temper, she couldn’t help but be angry. She didn’t have a lot of interactions with the woman. Since the woman saved her husband and took him in, she could tolerate the woman’s rude attitude, but she couldn’t allow the woman to insult her as the woman pleased. The woman called her a good-for-nothing and a wretched woman. Did she even have a basic upbringing?Florence had a gloomy expression on her face and ignored the woman. She immediately took her clothes that were partially wet and headed towards the house. Unexpectedly, the woman was rude and irrational beyond belief. The woman walked up to Florence aggressively, immediately reached out her hands and pushed Florence with great force. Florence was caught off guard. She didn’t have control of her body and fell backwards. Painful!She was in immense pain and felt as if her bones were fractured. The bottom part of Florence’s body hit a pile of stones behind her. She felt so painful that her face instantly turned pale and her eyes reddened.