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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 134: She Was Dating with the Other Man

Florence wanted to retort her, but when she looked at Cooper who was sitting opposite her, she felt it inappropriate to explain it at the moment. She could only say, “Don’t deal in guesswork. I will talk with you after coming back. ” “Haha, looks like I’ve bother your date. All right, I will wait for you and we can talk about it when you come back. Enjoy your time” Charlotte hung up the phone with a smile. Florence felt a bit confused and knitted her brows. She was simply having a meal together with Cooper and was not dating with him. She must tell Charlotte about this after coming back. The waiter had left. When Florence ended the call, she found that Cooper was looking at her eagerly. She said with a smile, “It’s a call from my sister. By the way, what do you want to say just now?” Cooper smiled and gently shook his head, “Nothing. ” “Well. ” Florence nodded her head and saw that a waitress was coming over with a plate of dessert. In Senna International Villa Community… Timothy brought the dishes made by the specially employed chef to the villa at the dinner time as usual. There were only Ernest and Charlotte at the table today. Charlotte was very delighted as she could get alone with Ernest today and she had been having a smile on her face since the dinner time. “Ernest, let me ladle the soup for you. ” Charlotte imitated what Florence had done in usual time and ladled a bowl of soup for him. She gingerly put the bowl in front of Ernest and then gazed at him with anticipation, “Ernest, have a try and tell me does it taste good. ” When seeing the anticipation on her face, one would think that the soup was made by her. Ernest had tried the soup before and it tasted good. However, when it was Charlotte who ladled the soup for him, he suddenly lost his appetite to drink it. He then looked at the Chinese cuisines on the table. When Florence was in the villa, he liked Chinese cuisines very much and he had never mind sharing the same plate of cuisine with her. But now… Ernest even didn’t want to pick up his chopsticks. He wrinkled his brows and then stood to his feet. “Ernest, where are you going?” Charlotte was shocked when Ernest stood up and hastily asked him. It was a rare opportunity for her to have dinner with Ernest alone, but why Ernest suddenly intended to leave? Ernest’s tall figure exuded alienation. He was silent for a short while and then replied perfunctorily, “You eat them by yourself. ” He headed towards the upstairs after finishing the words. “Ernest, what about you? You don’t want to eat?” Charlotte was a bit flustered and hurriedly stood to her feet and grabbed Ernest’s arm

Judging from knocking sound, Florence must have come back. Ernest checked the time and found that it was still early. His mood was suddenly improved and even the gloominess on his face dispersed

. He said in a low voice, “Come in. ”“Click. ” The door was opened. With a tray that had coffee and dessert on it, Charlotte came in with a bright smile, “Ernest, you haven’t had dinner and I’m worried that you will feel hungry. So I asked Timothy to send some dessert and coffee here. ”Ernest’s expression became gloomy again when he saw Charlotte. He said with a cold face, “No need. Go out. ”“But you haven’t eaten anything. I don’t know how to explain it to my sister if she learns about this after coming back. ”It was her sister again. How could Florence ask the other woman to take care of him easily? Didn’t she feel worried?The more he thought of it, the angrier he became. He rebuked coldly, “Get out. ”His voice was low and icy-cold. His employees, who were at the other ends of the video conference, all tensed up. Their CEO was in an extremely bad mood today and all of them probably had to suffer. Charlotte was scared and wanted to escape out of her instinct. However, she still gritted her teeth and pretended to be aggrieved. She looked at Ernest and whispered, “Ernest, you can call me if you need my help. I will be at the door. ”She went out after finishing the words. The study was prevailed by silence again and there was no sound coming out from the laptop. It was so quiet that even the falling sound of a needle could be heard. Ernest pulled a long face and felt fretful out of no reasons. He wouldn’t deprive of Florence’s freedom. She said that she wanted to go out to have dinner with her friend and he agreed with it without hesitation. However, he felt very fretful because of Charlotte’s actions. If Florence dared to come back late tonight, he would definitely punish her!