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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 153: She Was Rescued

“If you let me go now, or tie me up here to lure Ernest here, you all will still have some time to escape from here,” Florence gave them some tips. The most important thing for her now was to save her life. “It’s not worthy for you all to put your own life on the line because of me, right?” Florence’s words made these few men wanted to let her go. A green-haired man tugged on the yellow-haired man and said sheepishly, “Boss, let’s run now. Let’s escape from the City N. This woman isn’t dead. Ernest will not chase after us too far. ” “Yes, boss. Why don’t we run?” The yellow-haired man was very anxious and he stared at Florence fiercely, seemingly hesitating as well. The atmosphere was unsettling at the moment. The yellow-haired man would be the one to decide whether they run or not. After a long while, the yellow-haired man finally made up his mind. “Okay. ” The word ‘Okay’ gave Florence hope to survive at once. She breathed a sigh of relief, but before she could rejoice, she was stunned to hear the yellow-haired man saying the next heart-breaking sentence. “Before we leave, strip her naked. The bigger the mess here, the more it will slow down Ernest. ” Moreover, it would make Hawkins’ family ashamed. Ernest would probably dump Florence seeing her like that and would not chase after them. The yellow-haired man thought that his idea was good and he immediately moved forward. He grabbed Florence’s clothes and tore her clothes apart. “Don’t touch me! Bastard, fuck off!” It was summer, and Florence wasn’t wearing much. So, she soon heard the sound of her clothes being torn. Large swathes of her skin were exposed. The expressions of the men changed one by one, and one of the men licked his lips and said, “Boss, can I fuck her before we leave? It won’t take a long time, I’ll be quick. ” Florence shivered instantly and struggled fiercely, but she still couldn’t avoid the yellow-haired man from tearing another large piece of her clothes. She panicked and cursed angrily, “If you all dare to do anything to me, Ernest would definitely hunt you down to the ends of the earth. ” The man was a little bit scared. But he still gazed at Florence fiercely, as if he was emitting a green light and could not restrain himself from lunging at her at any moment. Florence was so scared and she tried to move away from the yellow-haired man. But her clothes were completely shattered and only her bra was left hanging on her body

If they were caught by him on the spot, they would lose their skin even if they didn’t die. They looked at his back in panic, and noticed that there was no one else except him. Did Ernest come here alone? In that case…“Run!”One of the men roared, and the men instantly ran out through the doors and windows

. They were so fast and even forgot their boss, as if there was something terrifying chasing after them. In a flash, the yellow-haired man was the only one left standing there. The bastards were not loyal at all!Only Ernest alone had come and he scared them like that. The yellow-haired man cursed angrily in his heart, but his legs couldn’t help but tremble, and sweat continued to drip down his forehead. He wanted to run too, but Ernest was walking very fast and almost reached him. Was it too late for him to run now?After just one second of hesitation, the yellow-haired man immediately made a hideous decision. He had to stall for time and divert his attention. So, he immediately took out a dagger and slashed it towards Florence’s body. Florence who lay on the ground embarrassedly left only her skin exposed. She watched as the sharp dagger was slashing towards her. Her nerves tensed and she clenched her teeth, waiting for the pain to hit her. Just as the tip as the knife was about to hit her, the man’s broad palm held the blade directly in his hand. In a flash, blood emerged from his palm. His blood landed on her skin, with a soft ‘tick’ sound. Florence was stunned and she looked at him in a daze. Her heart stirred up a huge wave, unable to tell what it felt like. She stared at him dumbly. Her heart beat countless times faster at that moment. Pursing his lips, Ernest’s handsome face was covered with a layer of icy hostility. He held the blade, forcing the yellow-haired man’s hand to turn his angle. Then, he kicked the yellow-haired man. “Bang”The yellow-haired man was instantly kicked several metres away. The hostility in Ernest’s eyes was so strong that he almost wanted to kill the yellow-haired man, but he didn’t give the yellow-haired man another glance and immediately took off his jacket and wrapped up Florence’s body at one go. He moved very gently, holding her carefully in his arms. “It’s alright. ”His sentence showed a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart