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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 375: She’ll Forget Eventually

Victoria breathed a sigh of relief, her eyes full of more smiles. Pulling Florence into the room, she said between sobs, “This is what I’m supposed to do for you. Since you were baby, I should have done so. ” However, she hadn’t had any chance all through the years. Florence felt that her hands gripped her were tightened as if her mother wanted to grab her without letting her go again. Been treasured, Florence felt bitter and sore in her heart but also quite warm. Victoria took her to go around the whole bedroom, including a cloakroom, a study, a gym, a game room, and a small kitchen. It was not just a bedroom only, but there were also a lot of game facilities. Florence was a bit surprised. It turned out this was what the rich’s life was like. There was even an independent swimming pool behind her room. After showing Florence around, Victoria was still with high spirit. She planned to show Florence around the villa. Alexander was extremely envious, quite unhappy. “Victoria, Flory had a long journey to come back home. She must be quite tired. Let her rest first. It wasn’t until then did Victoria realize that, and she looked at Florence with concern immediately. “Flory, are you tired? I’ve asked the servant to run the bathwater for you. Go take a bath. ” Florence nodded. “Okay. ” After that, Florence found her suitcase and took out the clean clothes. When she opened the suitcase, she saw the cell phone that she stuffed in. In the past two days, she ignored her cell phone, out of sight, out of mind. As if she deliberately forgot about it, she didn’t touch her cell phone at all. Her cell phone wasn’t switched on again. Anyway, nobody would call her even if it were opened. However, the wallpaper on her cell phone screen was Ernest’s photo. She would feel sad when looking at it. Florence was in a daze. Hesitantly, she picked up the phone and pressed the button to switch it on. The screen remained dark - obviously, the phone was dead. There was nothing on the dark screen. “Is your phone dead? I can recharge it for you. ” Victoria came over, ready to take the phone over. Florence was taken aback for a moment. Subconsciously, she dodged her hand. Victoria didn’t take it. Florence said awkwardly, “No, thanks. The cell phone is already broken. ” She said that last few words in a low voice but extremely decisively. Since the phone was broken, it shouldn’t be switched on again

In the future, I’ll take you to the natural hot spring to bathe. ” Florence guessed if her mother meant that there was an exclusive hot spring belonging to the Fraser family. Her mouth corners twitched slightly

. For some reason, she believed that there should be everything in this villa. She could only nod in agreement. When she walked into the bathroom, Victoria didn’t follow her. She looked at Florence so reluctantly as if she would miss Florence so much without seeing her for a second. Florence felt a bit helpless, but she didn’t feel disgusted at all. After walking in, two maids stayed. They stood next to her. One came up to hold the clothes for Florence, and the other walked to her to take off her clothes. Florence immediately took a few steps back, her mouth corners twitching. She felt like a princess in ancient times who was going to bathe under her maids’ help. Although the Fraser family was super-wealthy, she didn’t want to be served in this way. “I can do it myself. Please go out. Thank you. ”The maids were startled for a moment. Then they smiled and said, “Miss Fraser, we’ll be waiting at the door. If you need anything, please inform us. ”“Okay. ”She just needed to bathe. She wouldn’t need anything else. After seeing the maids walk out of the bathroom, Florence was the only one left in this huge room. She finally had a moment with herself in peace. Her mind was still filled with joy and excitement. Thinking of her biological parents that she had just met and the family affection and warmth that she had never felt before, she felt quite steady and sure. However, when she calmed down, the emptiness in her heart reminded her about its existence. She couldn’t help missing Ernest. She wondered what he was doing now. When she was about to board the flight, she had expected to see him at the airport, even if he might go there to see her off. However, she had waited until the last second, but she never saw him. She felt the cold with darkness as if she was a defeated person in a battle, escaping like a loser. But for him, without her by his side, Florence wondered probably he was going to get married to another woman for convenience. Which graceful rich girl would be the next wife of the Hawkins family’s young master?Florence wanted to know it but she was afraid to know it. She was more afraid to imagine how heartbroken she would be when seeing that in person. She cared a lot about certain things, which she had no guts to think about. “Crash!”Florence covered her face and dived into the hot spring water, which totally drowned her and fulfilled her senses. The suffocating feeling and fear through the water surrounded her could distract the emptiness in her heart. She believed that one day, she would forget about Ernest completely. It was just a matter of time. Right now, her wound was still aching.