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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 527: She’s Like a Fish on a Cutting Board

“It’s fine. I will untie it soon. ” Florence continued to untie the rope without even raising her head. She felt like her heart was under a big stone. It was so despairing that she felt breathless. She could only shift her attention by doing something else, through which she wouldn’t be so scared. Clarence looked askance at Florence’s face with a touch of distress flashing across his eyes. He heaved a long sigh, “I was so careless this morning. I bumped into Benjamin and talked nonsense with him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have caught me. ” The Fraser family has thorough monitoring cameras and protection, yet he was still kidnapped by Benjamin. It was his fault. He even implicated Florence. Florence shook her head, “He deliberately planned this. It’s not your fault. ” Clarence suddenly chuckled when he heard the words, “Florence, you suddenly become so good to me. I’m not accustomed to it. True relationship stands out in difficult times. Are you into me?” Florence paused. She subconsciously lifted her hand and wanted to slap his head. How could he be so flirty under such a dangerous situation? No matter what he had experience, Clarence’s personality remained unchanged. He was so annoying that she wanted to hit him. “Your wish. ” Although Florence was retorting him, she didn’t stop her movement. Her depressed mood was improved because of his joke. Benjamin, who was sitting on the passenger seat, immediately pulled a long face when seeing that they were still in a good mood to play a joke. He hated Ernest a lot. But Clarence was also annoying to him. He would have shot him if it wasn’t that Clarence was still useful for him. With gloominess written all over his face, he reprimanded the driver, “Why are you driving so slowly? Quicker!” The driver was a bit stunned. The speed of the car was not slow at all. When seeing Benjamin’s gloomy face, he immediately figured it out that Benjamin must be in a bad mood when hearing that Florence and Clarence’s joke. He was jealous. “I see, young master. ” The driver suddenly stepped on the accelerator with great force. With a loud sound, the car rushed forward like an arrow. It was driving at a high speed. “Bang!” Being caught out of the guard, Florence fell backwards because of the force and knocked onto the chair. She felt a sharp pain from her shoulders. Clarence was also hurt. As he was still tied by the rope, he didn’t have any support and his head hit on the car window

’ Florence thought to herself. After a long while, Florence almost passed out due to the sharp pain as she was thrown from here to there in the car again and again. Then the torturing car finally stopped

. She lifted her head feebly and hurriedly looked out of the window. Then she saw the endless sea. They were at a small wharf now. There was a low-profile yacht beside the wharf. The door was then pulled open from outside. A security guard reached out to Florence, “Get off the car. ”He then pulled her out of the car rudely. Florence, who suffered collisions all the way here, felt like the bones in her body had all broken and were reconstructed again. They hurt so much. Now, being pulled by the security guard forcibly, she felt the choking pain. She had never suffered such a torture. When getting out of the car, her legs trembled and she almost lost her balance. “Flory, I heard that you like the sea, so I specially bring you here. We’ll have a cruise later. Do you like it?”Benjamin walked to Florence elegantly and then looked at her gently. If Florence didn’t experience the torture just now, she would think that he was sincere to bring her here to have a fun. Florence felt disgusted and furrowed her brows. She said weakly while gritting her teeth, “Where are we going?”She was unfamiliar with the surroundings and therefore she didn’t know where she was now. Moreover, it was in the midnight now and the sky was still dark. There was on one at the wharf, so it was impossible to turn to other people for help. Benjamin reached out and wrapped Florence’s waist with his arm, forcing her to nestle in his arms. Looking at the sea, he said gently with his voice full of anticipation, “Let’s go to our matrimonial home. I specially prepared it for you. We will like it. ”Was it just a matrimonial home? Or a place to confine her?Florence felt a gush of chill in her heart. She was so flustered and scared. She gritted her teeth, “Benjamin, I will not marry you even if I have to die. Don’t dream of it. ”She would rather die if she had to marry such a pervert and live with him for the rest of her life. Benjamin chuckled, “Flory, when you arrive at our new home, you will not refuse me. ”He was so confident when saying this. Florence didn’t know where his strong confidence was from. But the more confident he was, the more scared she became. She felt so restless. Now everything had been plunged off the track. She was like a fish on the cutting board.