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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 692: Sitting in the Wheelchair

“Don’t you know it?” Bonnie asked in surprise, looking quite complacent in an instant. It seemed she suddenly became more superior to Florence since she knew what Ernest was working at. Florence choked up. She wanted to hear her answer, so she didn’t mind Bonnie’s attitude. “No, I don’t know much about it. Please tell me. ” “Ha ha ha. Although Ernest treats you better, you are still a woman. What a man is doing won’t be disclosed to you either. ” Bonnie looked at Florence in disdain and said ironically, “It turns out you are no different from us at all. ” Florence was speechless. However, according to what Bonnie said, she wondered if all women here were the same - when men were doing things, they didn’t tell the women anything. Florence suppressed the upset in her heart, “Right. I agree. Could you please tell me then?” She eagerly wanted to know what on earth Ernest was doing. Bonnie raised her eyebrows complacently and said loudly, “Out of my kindness, I can tell you. Ernest. ” “Have you done?” Suddenly, the door curtain was pulled open from the outside. The woman walked in with a darkened face. Bonnie was startled. The cotton swab in her hand was poked on Florence’s arm again. Florence inhaled in pain. However, Bonnie didn’t care about it at all. She turned around and said to that woman in a panic, “Almost. Mom. Almost. ” The woman disliked it if they did things too slowly. Since Bonnie was chatting with Florence, she had wasted a lot of time. Bonnie blamed Florence for making her scolded. Thinking of that, she glared at Florence unhappily. The woman stood next to them and continued scolding, “It’s just a small wound. Just get it down quickly. It’s lunchtime now

He acted quite fast in an overbearing manner. The two other women’s expressions changed dramatically when watching the scene as if they had seen a ghost. The woman yelled, “Mr

. Hawkins, how can you hold her?” Her shocking tone sounded as if Ernest had done something extremely forbidden when holding Florence. Ernest frowned. Florence didn’t quite understand but she could guess the rules in this country - women were at a humble status. They could be beaten and scolded by men, and they couldn’t enjoy men’s love and affection at all. Besides, they knew that Florence was Ernest’s younger sister, so they treated Florence more strictly. Florence felt quite upset. She couldn’t suppress her depression and explained to Ernest, “He’s afraid I’ll get cripple, so he held me in anxiety. ”Ernest was a bit taken aback, looking at Florence deeply in a complication. The aura emanated from him became more stressed. Florence looked into his eyes, feeling more upset. Subconsciously, she looked away to avoid eye contact with him. Ernest’s eyes were complicated and deep as if he was trying his best to suppress some boiling emotion. Then, pressing his lips, he turned around and pushed the wheelchair at the door over. He said, “Sit on it. ”Florence looked at the wheelchair. The upset in her heart suddenly vanished. She understood that for some objective reasons, Ernest couldn’t hold her or take care of her, but he found her a wheelchair so that she could go around more conveniently. He was quite considerate, and he still cared and loved her. Florence decided to be more open-minded. She raised her head and smiled. Obediently nodding, she said, “Okay. ”The woman’s face became darkened when standing aside. She disliked Florence more. She said sarcastically, “You are way too squeamish. That’s just a minor injury. How do you need to take a wheelchair? My knee was injured so seriously, but I’m still walking around. ”Florence’s mouth corners twitched.