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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 599: Sleepwalking?

His thin lips opened, and an attractive elegant voice sounded from his throat, “Awake?” Florence looked at him in a daze. They were so close, lying intimately together. She couldn’t get back to her senses, as if she thought she was still dreaming. She actually woke up lying in Ernest’s arms. Ernest’s eyesight gradually became clear. The corners of his mouth pulled into a smile and he looked at her dazing face. He laughed lightly, “Are you sleepwalking?” It was broad daylight now, what sleepwalking? The cheeks of Florence turned slightly red and her eyes flickered as she looked at him. She asked, “Why did I sleep here?” “I carried you over. ” Ernest said naturally. Florence froze for a moment, but her eyes widened in surprise. Her small hand reached into the quilt and grabbed his arm. She sat up and said with a worried face, “You still have wounds on your arm, how can you carry me? Is the wound alright?” Looking at her reaction, Ernest’s eyes were filled with gentleness. He sat up together with her and simply rolled up the sleeves of his pajamas. “Take a look. ” The wound on his arm was well bandaged. It looked white and clean, and there was no trace of blood stains. Only then did Florence breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, his wound was fine. But she turned her head and stared fiercely at Ernest. She said, “Why didn’t you wake me up?” Ernest laughed, “You were too deep in sleep, so I couldn’t wake you up. ” “Really?” Florence seriously doubted that, his words were a little unbelievable. In fact, she was usually a light sleeper. She couldn’t possibility sleep like a log, right? Ernest’s other arm fell on Florence’s waist and pulled her into her arms. He approached her and said playfully, “But the movement I carried you is not small. ” He picked her up and put her on the bed. Her body was moved from a place to another, so the movement was indeed not small. But she didn’t feel it at all. Florence’s cheeks were red. She was very embarrassed, but she really slept too deeply. “Then, then, if it doesn’t work when you shake me next time, just let me sleep in the study for one night. ” He was still hurt, and she couldn’t bear to let him injured himself again. Besides, she was a grown-up. She would be heavy to carry. After realizing Florence’s thoughts, the smile on Ernest’s face was even obvious

If someone else brought this to him, he would definitely refuse without hesitation. But now, it was Florence who brought the clothes to him. He had a meaningful smile on his face

. He got out of bed and stood beside the bed. He looked at Florence and said, “The wounds on my body make me inconvenient to move, so please help me to put my clothes on. ”He said it very naturally, as if it was a matter of course. But Florence listened with a dumbfounded face. She held the clothes in her hand and her whole body was stiff. He was wearing pajamas, which he had obviously put on by himself last night. Why suddenly his wounds become inconvenient?He must be doing this deliberately. He was trying to take advantage of her again by having her to change his clothes for him. Florence blushed. She retorted, “Didn’t you change by yourself last night?”Ernest looked at his pajamas, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. He spoke very seriously, “It is easy to take off the shirt. The shirt will be taken off once the buttons are unbuttoned. But the degree of difficulty is different when you put on the clothes. I have to reach out my hands here and there. ” Florence opened her mouth slightly, but she was unable to refute his speech. It seemed to make sense. Ernest smiled, and his bony fingers fell directly on the button of his collar. “You can help me to put on the clothes, I’ll take the pajamas off myself. ”As he said that, he smoothly unbuttoned one button. Then the second, and then the third one of the pajamas. The collar was opened, revealing the beauty inside. Florence stopped breathing abruptly. Her cheeks flushed. She stared at his neckline in daze and then she saw a layer a white gauze. It was not any restrictive scene that could make people’s nose bleed. Yes, Ernest was injured. Hence, there were gauze covered everywhere on his body, where only the collarbone and pectorals muscles were shown. When Florence thought of this, she suddenly realized what she was thinking about! Oh God, what happened to her?Why did she only think about his collarbone and muscles when he took off his shirt. She had such dirty thoughts!Florence was so embarrassed that she couldn’t wait to block her mind from all these thoughts. She walked to the front of Ernest with flushed cheeks and took the imitative to reach out and hold his pajamas.