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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 396: Sneaking Out

Upon hearing it, Florence frowned in disgust. She really disliked it when Benjamin’s insinuation belittled Ernest. She put away her polite smile on her face and looked at Benjamin solemnly. “Mr. Turner, I know pretty clear who on earth is the man with an evil intention and who treated me wholeheartedly. Besides. ” Florence paused and then continued in an aloof tone, “This is our family business. Mr. Turner, as an outsider, please stop chiming in. ” Her words just left Benjamin out of the way directly. Although they were talking about Ernest, she implied that she had treated Ernest as an insider. The smile on Benjamin’s face was stiffened. He could hardly maintain calm. He had never been so directly humiliated by anyone before. If it were another person, he would have muted her long ago. However, she was Florence, and he was competing to marry her. Suppressing the waves of anger in his heart, Benjamin pressed his lips and kept being like a gentleman. “Flory, please excuse me. I just care about you. I shouldn’t have done it. ” His attitude of advancing and retreating made Florence feel more uncomfortable as if she was making trouble out of nothing, and he was also conniving at her. Florence said seriously, “Mr. Turner, thanks for caring about me. However, we don’t know each other and we won’t in the future. Please save it. As for our marriage, I’m sorry but I won’t marry you. ” She implied at him to give up. Benjamin received the affirmative rejection from Florence, and his smile almost cracked. He came to propose his marriage with Florence indeed. However, as soon as he arrived, he was rejected firmly. Let alone his dignity, he could tell that a couple of the Fraser family doted Florence a lot. If she wasn’t willing to marry him, they wouldn’t force her. Benjamin came over through thousands of miles not for going back with nothing. “Flory, I respect your will and I won’t force you. I’ve been waiting for you for over twenty years. I don’t mind waiting longer. ” His words were gentle but full of unchangeable determination. Florence felt a big migraine. Looking at his face on which there was a gentle smile, she felt as if her sharp words just now had stabbed onto the cotton. In terms of argument and scheming thoughts, she couldn’t be so competent as Benjamin. Florence was depressed. “Please don’t wait for me

She was closer and closer to the side door. Ten meters. Five meters

. Three meters. She would sneak out! Florence was overjoyed. The scene of what would happen after she had found Ernest later kept flashing through her mind. She was sure that he would be quite surprised when seeing her suddenly. When she was about to walk out of the side door excitedly, a tall and strong figure suddenly appeared at the door, blocking her way. Off guard, Florence almost bumped into him. She stopped at the breathtaking moment and took a few steps back. She said, “Excuse me. ” Then she was about to bypass the person. However, the person also took a step side and blocked her way again. Florence frowned, wondering if this person came for trouble. She frowned unhappily. Raising her head, she saw Benjamin’s handsome face that she disliked. Florence’s heart sank immediately. “What are you doing here?”With a gentle smile, Benjamin pulled out his hand behind him and handed her a bunch of beautiful red roses. “When I was shopping outside, I liked this bouquet, so I bought it for you. ”Florence didn’t like his roses at all, and even she looked annoyed because of seeing them. Seeing Benjamin giving her the roses, the bodyguards who hadn’t paid attention to her were all looking over at them from afar. When they saw her, they looked quite surprised and solemn. Obviously, they had recognized her. Florence realized that she couldn’t sneak out anymore. Since her plan was ruined, she felt extremely down, looking at Benjamin more unhappily. She wondered if he had shown up here on purpose. This man wasn’t a harmless gentleman as he looked. Florence cast him an unhappy glance. “I’m sorry, but I’m allergic to roses. ”After finishing her words, she turned away. It seemed that he had expected Florence would reject him, Benjamin didn’t feel any discomfort. Raising his hand, he tossed the roses into the garbage can. Meanwhile, he strode over to catch up with Florence. With a smile, he said, “I do apologize. I didn’t know you are allergic to roses. I won’t give you roses next time. Flory, what flowers do you like?”Florence was taken aback. She had to admit that Benjamin had a good ability to create the chatting topic. She wondered if she told him what flowers she liked, he would give her flowers again. Probably he would ruin her plan for sneaking out again by coincidence, wouldn’t he?“I don’t like any flowers,” Florence answered in a cold and aloof tone. Any normal man would sense how much she disliked him