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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 660: So Fed up with It

After all, Florence would also go with them. Thinking that she would watch Ernest work and probably she could help him, Florence suddenly became quite spirited. Despite the embarrassment, she sat up on the bed. She said in excitement, “Do you know where they are? Please take me there. ” Phoebe paused. Her mouth corners twitched. Looking at Florence in disdain, she said jokingly, “Are you going to kill me by your PDA? Ernest has just left and you want to chase him. Flory, you are too clingy to him. ” Florence blushed, glaring at Phoebe. She retorted, “I just want to help them. Do you know where they are or not? Will you take me there?” “I roughly know the place, but. ” Phoebe cast a meaningful glance at Florence’s legs under the quilt and continued jokingly, “With your current status, I don’t think you could walk over. My arms are not so strong as Ernest’s, so I can’t carry you over there. ” Florence choked up. She couldn’t continue the subject at all. The passion in her heart was put out. Her legs were so weakened now, so she couldn’t walk over truly. She felt depressed. Instantly, she became spiritless. Leaning against the bedhead, she asked, “Why did you come to me?” “Just a trifle. ” As Phoebe spoke, her eyes were darkened. However, she looked careless and walked to Florence, sitting on the edge of the bed. Florence looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong?” “Clarence and I plan to go back to City N a few days later. Probably we’ll leave on the same day when you guys depart. If you know when exactly you’re leaving, don’t forget to tell me. ” Florence frowned. “Why so hurried? Clarence hasn’t completely recovered, has he? Even I’m not here, I’ll ask others to take good care of you. ” Phoebe shook her head. She said in a relaxing tone, “Clarence wasn’t seriously injured. He’ll recover after resting a few more days. You’ll be gone anyway. If we continued staying here, we would feel bored. We’d better go back to City N. ” Seeing that Phoebe was so determined, Florence couldn’t insist any longer although she didn’t think it would be proper. She also understood although Phoebe had given up on Stanford, she still felt upset. If she continued staying here, she would be quite depressed at the prospect. If she went back home, she would recover faster

Phoebe didn’t want Florence to make any wild guess, she continued, “Shortly after, Collin came downstairs with your mother. Your mother looked pretty pale, but it seemed that they had achieved some agreement last night. ” Hence, they let Florence and Ernest stay together on the second floor all through the night

. All of them waited for her downstairs. Florence recalled the conversations this morning. She roughly could figure out that Collin must have told her mother about Ernest’s health condition. Things had come this far, so Victoria had chosen to compromise last night. Now everything was clear. Florence didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. In a strange combination of circumstances, Ernest and she had obtained permission from her family. However, last night, something seemed to have happened between Phoebe and Stanford instead of staying alone together. Florence looked at Phoebe suspiciously, trying to find out something from her uneasy look. Under Florence’s gaze, Phoebe felt quite uneasy. Pinching a corner of Florence’s quilt, she asked, “Flory, how fierce was your lovemaking with Ernest last night? Is he way too strong so that you can’t even stand up?”Florence’s mouth corners twitched, looking at Phoebe disdainfully. Phoebe could change the subject to such a nasty one. The crazy scenes of last night flashed through her mind. Florence blushed again. Feeling shy and annoyed, she said, “I. I’m just tired. Phoebe, enough is enough. ”“Gee. Flory, aren’t we besties who share everything? Why don’t you tell me more details about last night?”Phoebe put on an evil smile, and her tone was full of teases. Florence blushed more. Reaching out, she pushed Phoebe away. She squeezed words between her teeth, “This kind of thing could only be taught through practices. You should find a man to practice it. “Or, shall I find you a man so you can have a try?”Florence retorted her. She had thought that Phoebe would feel shy, but the latter didn’t care at all. Instead, Phoebe smiled so brightly. “Okay! You must find a man who is as strong and long-lasting as Ernest so that my legs would be weakened after having sex. ”Florence choked up. She could never win against Phoebe in terms of being cheeky and talking sharp. Florence wanted to seal Phoebe’s lips. Suddenly, Phoebe yelled, “By the way, Flory. Did you use the condoms last night?