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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 388: Someone Came to the Fraser Family

Benjamin was shocked, gaped at the note handed over by the mid-aged man. “Is it the location of the Fraser family for real?” Even he had the infant matrimony with Florence, the Fraser family’s secret location was hidden from the whole world, so Benjamin didn’t know it until now. After he had grown up and known that his fiancée had been missed since she was a baby, he wanted to visit the Fraser family and offer his help to look for her. However, he failed to locate the family, and nor had Theodore Turner ever mentioned to him where it was. Much to his surprise, Theodore had known the Fraser family’s location all the time. Benjamin was overjoyed. Immediately, he opened the note and read the location. He still felt so unreal. The Fraser family was located in Country K, in a city center. They had tricked to hide their location from the whole world. The mid-aged man nodded and said, “This is a secret that only Master knows. He hasn’t told anyone else before. Mr. Turner, now you know it, so you must keep it secret when going to the Fraser family. If their location was exposed because of our Turner family, the consequences. ” He didn’t finish his words, but his implication was quite clear. The Fraser and the Turner families had a complicated relationship. Due to the disease, the Turner family relied on the former a lot. Hence, they were on a slightly weak side, so the Turner family would never want to break up with the Fraser family. Benjamin naturally understood how severe the matter was. He nodded and answered, “I know it. Please tell Master to rest assured. I’ll deal with this matter in private. I’ll go to visit the Fraser family secretly. ” After he had gone to the Frasers’ and found Florence, Benjamin believed that he could definitely win Florence’s heart with his identity and the infant matrimony. In that case, Ernest could only be panicked. “By the way, Master also said something. ” The mid-aged man paused, looking a bit gloomy. “If you could marry Florence Fraser without any difficulty, you could get the qualification to compete for the successor of the Turner family. ” Benjamin was shocked. After being in a daze for several seconds, he asked with uncertainty, “For real?” The Turner family always stubbornly insisted that the first in line successor could have the qualification to be the heir. Unless the first in line successor died, the qualification couldn’t be offered to others. Even others wanted to compete for it, they could only do things in secret. Once they were discovered, they would be kicked out of the Turner family. However, as a grandson from the branch family, Benjamin could get the qualification aboveboard. With his power, he had already had a lot of supporters in the family

” With gifts? Who could try all his means to find the isolated Fraser family just for sending gifts? Florence was confused. However, Tammy continued in excitement with her lit-up eyes, “When I came to inform you, I looked at him from afar. He’s extremely handsome

. I have thought that our young master was the most handsome man in this world. But I didn’t expect that there would be a man who’s more handsome than Young Master. well, a man who could compare to Young Master. ”Tammy immediately changed her words when speaking. In front of Little Miss, if she said someone was more handsome than Young Master, Tammy was afraid that she would be punished. Florence, however, wasn’t interested to know how handsome the man was. However, since he could come to the Fraser family, and nobody knew if he was a friend or an enemy, it must be a quite big event. It had something to do with the family and her parents, so Florence paid special attention to it. “Where did you see him? Where did he come from?” asked Florence. While she spoke, she stood up and walked outside. Since there was a guest, she should have a look before resting assured. Tammy immediately answered, “He walked over from the parking apron. I saw him outside. Probably he was walking over now. Little Miss, you can see him on the tower. ”There was a tower behind Florence’s room, quite nearby. When she stood on the tower, she could see what happened in the yard. If that man walked over and was about to enter the yard, she could see him. Florence immediately walked to the tower. While she was still on the stairs, she heard the women’s discussions, sounding quite excited. “Oh, gosh! He’s so handsome. It’s my first time seeing such a handsome man!”“Look at his face, his charisma, and his height. What a perfect man! I can’t hold on any longer. My heart stops beating! I want to kneel to him. ”“Dream on! This handsome man isn’t only super good-looking, but also he’s the only one who has located the Fraser family in the past decades. He should be quite capable as well. He must be some tough guy in the outworld. ”“Oh, I can’t stop loving him in that case. I want to marry him. No! I’m OK even I can only have one night stand with him. Upon hearing the obsessive words, Florence felt so awkward and amused. She wondered how handsome this man was indeed so those maids were all falling for him. She suddenly becomes interested to see how handsome he would be