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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 574: Someone Who Checks the Water Meter

“Alright. ” Clarence nodded solemnly. Then, after he instructed some more things, he said goodbye to Florence and went out. When Florence looked at the big iron door that was closed in front of her, she inexplicably felt very uneasy. She kept feeling that something bad would happen. “No, it won’t. Clarence has handled everything so well, he will be fine. ” Clarence soliloquized and comforted herself. Clarence had planned the matter that he let the tramp help him a few days ago. Now, he was just going to implement it and there should not be any problem. She just needed to wait here for Clarence to return. Or perhaps she should make a few dishes to celebrate his successful return from the mission. Florence thought in this way and her mind was slightly eased. She stood for a while and then turned around and went back to her room. She fed Ernest with food. It was rare to see Ernest being so quiet and lying there obediently. Florence pried open his mouth and sent the porridge into it little by little. Florence spent a lot of time feeding Ernest. After it was all done, she could not help but look towards the door. Clarence had only gone out for less than an hour. He should not be able to come back so early. But, she felt very uneasy and was a bit panicked. She then went to do a lot of things to let the time pass more quickly. She sometimes cleaned the house. She sometimes talked to Ernest. She sometimes sat quietly, stared at Ernest and depicted his face. Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was time for the sun to set in the west. Florence looked at the sky that was about to turn dark outside the window. Even if she got more things for herself to do, she also could not stay calm anymore. Clarence had not returned yet. He said that if there was no accident, he would certainly come back before the dinner. But now, the dinner time had passed. Even though Florence was not willing to believe, she also had to think that Clarence might have really encountered an accident… Florence’s entire body felt cold and she walked back and forth in the room anxiously. She wanted to go out to find and save him but she was clear that she absolutely must not leave the room now

There were black circles below her eyes and also redness and swelling that were formed from crying too frequently. She took the medicine and sat by Ernest. “Ernest, I’m going to do the dressing change for you, you bear with it

. ” She said in a gentle voice as if he could hear. For the past two days, she had been talking to him like this as if she was soliloquizing. She was trying to wake him up and simultaneously, he was the only person she could talk to. She had been locked up here for three days without going out at all. If it was not because that Ernest was here, Florence felt that she might have gone crazy. Florence prepared everything and took a deep breath. She took the scissors and was about to repeat the steps that she cut Ernest’s bandages last time. “Bang, bang, bang!” At this moment, heavy knocks sounded on the iron door out of the blue. Florence’s actions suddenly stopped and her body tensed up instantly. Who was knocking on the door?She did not know anyone else here. “We’re here to check the water meter! Open the door quickly!”Check the water meter?Florence was stunned. Was there actually someone who checked water meters nowadays?When Clarence left, he did not talk about this at all. She was a bit confused. She paced very gently to the door and looked out through the peephole. Two tall men were standing outside. They were wearing overalls and it seemed that they were indeed people who checked the water meter. At the same time, she also heard the sound of the door of the next house being opened and closed, accompanied by someone saying, “There is no problem with your water meter. ”Were they really coming here for checking the water meter?However, her current situation was special and Ernest was lying in the room. It was better not to let outsiders come in easily, right? Otherwise, it would be dangerous if they were exposed. “I know somebody is inside, open the door quickly! Don’t waste our time!”When Florence had that idea, the man outside the door roared loudly again. His voice was particularly fierce. Florence looked out through the peephole and saw that the men’s expressions were fierce and hideous with very intense hostility. Even if the attitude of the general staff was not good, they would not be so hideous as if they were coming to kill people, right?Kill people?Something was not right!Florence was shocked. These people were definitely not those who checked the water meter!They were probably pretending to be checking the water meter but in fact, they were here to catch people!It was even very likely that they were here to catch her!It was just that they were not sure where was she yet so they were checking each house one by one like this. Florence’s entire body instantly stiffened. Cold sweat trickled down her forehead. The man’s very impatient cursing voice sounded outside. “I’ll give you three minutes, immediately open the door for me! Otherwise, I’ll kick the door!”He directly threatened her undisguisedly. Kick the door!If these few fierce men came in, Florence would have no way to escape.