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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 675: Something Happened Suddenly

The incident happened so quickly that no one had time to react before they saw the road collapsed. The snow and rocks rolled down, completely submerging Collin. Florence had a chill, staring at it in a daze, hardly believing her eyes. Had Collin fallen off? Wouldn’t he then be… “No, no. ” Florence shook her head incredulously, with tears rolling out of her eyes instantly. She couldn’t believe why the place would suddenly collapse and take Collin down with it. He was such a cool and brilliant guy. Did he just… die like that? The feeling of choking in Florence’s chest was so strong that she was wrapped up and engulfed in an atmosphere of sorrow in a flash. Stanford reacted the fastest and immediately walked over from where he was opening the road ahead. He stood beside the collapsed road and frowned fiercely as he looked downwards. The place was all white, and nothing could be seen. Florence’s voice trembled as she spoke, “Can you save him…” Although there was almost no possibility of survival when falling off from here, there was still something they could do. Never gave up, even if there was a glimmer of hope. Stanford looked down soberly, knitting his eyebrows tightly. His voice was low, “We can’t save him. ” It was just like being condemned to death with just one sentence. His chance of survival was lower as there was no way to save him. Florence’s vision turned blurred, and she choked up, almost fainting. Ernest wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her tightly in his arms and supporting her. Frowning, he said soothingly, “It’s not that desperate. Collin can still be alive if he reacts fast. ” He could still be alive? Florence’s eyes flickered as she looked towards the landslide not far away. It was terrifying deep, surrounded by clouds. A person falling would be dead in seconds. How could it still be possible to be alive? However, Ernest wouldn’t just simply lie to her. Florence’s heart was fluttering restlessly, thinking about whether Collin had fallen and had various possibilities of landing in a cushioned place, only seriously injured but survived. She thought of the possibilities but didn’t expect the next scene. Only to see a palm suddenly emerged from below on the thick white snow at the side of the cliff. Florence widened her eyes in surprise. Then she saw that another hand and a head emerged from below. It was Collin. His face was pale and miserable, but he was glowing, and he shouted through gritted teeth. “Come and give me a hand. I can’t hold on much longer. ” The stunned bodyguards at the side snapped back to attention and rushed over, pulling Collin up from underneath. Once on top, Collin immediately took several steps towards the inside of the road, ripping the wire hooks off his body and muttering angrily. “Damn. It’s lucky I was well prepared. Otherwise, I would have died here today

He was just repaying his kindness. Mortals wouldn’t understand it. Stanford didn’t bother him and ordered

. “Keep on shoving the road. The bridge will be built here later. ”A section of the road had collapsed, and they could only build a bridge later to allow the vehicles behind to pass. The bodyguards were about to move immediately, hearing the order, but Collin spoke up in a hurry. “No. We can’t cross through here. ”Stanford looked at him in confusion. Collin put away his cynical look and said in all seriousness. “When I was down there just now, I saw the condition of the rocks below. There are already many cracks and the structure is very unstable. It might continue to collapse at any time. ”“This place might have collapsed yet before we open the road up. ”It was just a small area that had just collapsed, dropping Collin down. But if the collapse were to continue, their convoy would all fall off once the area got larger. Stanford knitted his brows tightly. This was the only road he knew at the moment. Everywhere else was a massive stretch of mountains, and there was no way out. However, Ernest spoke in a deep voice without even hesitate to think about it. “Leave this place immediately and find another road again when we get out. ”After a pause, he added in a domineering manner, “If there isn’t any road, we’ll just make the road. ”The snowy plateau couldn’t stop him from where he was going. It would just waste a lot of time that way. However, if they continued to shove the road now, their safety was uncertain, and it was likely that all of them would fall down the snowy mountain. He couldn’t let everyone take that risk. Stanford looked at Ernest puzzlingly. He was the one who insisted on looking for the medicine, and he was also the one who made a decisive decision. His courage was commendable. Stanford didn’t hesitate any longer, beckoning his hand and saying, “Let’s go. ”The bodyguards immediately began to pack up their equipment. Ernest put his arm around Florence and headed towards the vehicle they had parked behind. Timothy was still helping out in front while Ernest led Florence into the vehicle first. “We’ll be out of here soon. ”Ernest whispered to reassure Florence while taking off his cold-weather coats. He was just about to put the clothes down when something happened suddenly.