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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 405: Something Hidden from Her

Seeing that Florence was so sensible, Victoria felt more upset. She wouldn’t force her daughter to marry Benjamin, but she worried more than Florence would take Ernest too seriously. Frowning slightly, she said with a solemn look, “Flory, you don’t need to care about Benjamin Turner purposely. Just leave him to Stanford. As for you, I wish you could be happy every day and lead a worry-free life. ” After a pause, she said, “I won’t allow anyone who would probably hurt you to appear around you. Flory, just give up on Ernest. I won’t allow you two to be together for the sake of your happiness. ” Her determined words were smashed on Florence’s heart syllable by syllable. Although Florence hadn’t got along with her mother for a long time, based on the kinship, she knew that her mother was a decisive and stubborn woman, who was born aggressive to the core. If she wanted to be with Ernest and changed Victoria’s mind, it would be more difficult than undergoing the most severe trials. Florence felt a bit helpless, but she didn’t weaken her fighting spirit. No matter how difficult it would be, she would overcome it persistently. Raising her head, Florence looked at her mother and said seriously, “Mom, I know how you care about me. I’ll also prove to you that Ernest is a truly good man. He’s quite trustworthy that you can let your daughter be together with him. ” Both the mother and the daughter looked quite gentle, but their bones were full of stubbornness. Neither could convince each other, and neither was willing to cave in. Alexander was worried about Florence, but at the same time, he was quite happy. Reaching out his arm, he put it on Stanford’s shoulder. With a smile, he whispered to his son, “Look how stubborn your sister is. Isn’t she exactly the same as your mom when she was young?” Stanford shrugged. “I don’t know what Mom was like when she was young. I only know that they are as stubborn as each other right now. ” With the two ladies in their family, Stanford believed that his father and he would be happy and bothered. The matter between Ernest and Florence was a lasting war without smoke. Nobody could predict who would cave in first. However, Stanford wouldn’t agree to Florence to marry Ernest, not in her life. After breakfast, Florence rushed back to her bedroom, sending messages to Ernest. At the dining table, Victor was stilling still. Looking in the direction where Florence was gone, she looked quite solemn. After a long while, she said seriously, “We can’t let Ernest stay here any longer. ” Ernest wasn’t in the Fraser family’s villa and nor was he allowed to meet Florence, but Victoria felt quite uneasy for some reason. If this went on, she believed that Florence would be more reluctant to give up on Ernest. Hence, she guessed that the first thing was to force Ernest to leave here. After they were distanced, Florence would be less impacted

He made her feel real. She couldn’t help wondering if Ernest and she would be as same as those ordinary couples. They could be quite close and always arguing until they got old

. While she was lost in thought, Ernest sent her another message. Ernest: “Don’t worry, Florence. It’s just my business matters. Although I’m here, I couldn’t leave all my company businesses to my employees without caring about them. ” Florence knew that he was explaining to her. Staring at her phone, Florence couldn’t help smiling. Actually, she didn’t misunderstand, but he was worried that she might have some concerns. However, Florence felt so happy. Immersed in the happiness, Florence was drawing while chatting with Ernest. She had never known how much difficult trouble Ernest was trying to resolve outside. In the evening, Florence became more nervous and excited. Ernest would come to her room like he did last night. She could meet him again. Expectantly, Florence was getting prepared in advance. Last night, Stanford suddenly went to her room and almost found Ernest. She didn’t want this to happen again tonight. Florence deliberately changed her nightgown. She took two glasses of milk and took them to Stanford’s study. She knocked on the door and pushed it open. In the study, Stanford was sitting at his desk with two laptops in front. His fingers were dancing on the keyboard. With the light from the screen, he looked quite serious and solemn. Florence rarely had seen such a look on Stanford’s face. She was confused. Bypassing the desk, she walked to Stanford’s side. “Excuse me, Stanford. What are you busy with?”As she asked, she looked over at the screen. However, before she could read the contents of them, she heard “Pak”. Stanford snapped both laptops immediately. Looking a bit panicked, he asked, “Flory, why are you here?”Florence smelt something fishy from his reaction. She stared at him. “Stanford, what are you doing? Why are you afraid to show me? Does it have anything to do with me?”All her questions were full of suspicion. Stanford pressed his thin lips immediately, darkness flashing through his eyes