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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 463: Something’s Wrong!

Florence woke up from the pain in the middle of the sleep. Her forehead was sweaty, she opened her eyes and immediately curled up like a cooked prawn with her hands on her belly. “Pain…” She uttered shakily. She didn’t know what happened to her, but the pain was attacking her whole body, it was unbearable. She felt like she could die anytime. She was in extreme pain, her whole body was trembling uncontrollably. She raised her hand to turn on the light, but she was too weak to even do that. She wondered if she would die alone in the middle of the night. “Bang!” Florence fell onto the floor. She didn’t even feel the pain from falling. She was just curled up on the floor with no energy to get up. Help, anyone? There was no energy left in her body, she felt like she would die soon. But she feared that if she passed out, she could never wake up… “No, no…” She didn’t want to die, she had to live happily with Ernest. She didn’t want to die, her happiness with Ernest hadn’t started. With her determination, Florence raised her hand and reached for her mobile on the side table. The mobile was as heavy as a truck, she couldn’t even hold it tight and it fell onto the ground. She didn’t even have the energy to lift her mobile! What was going on with her? She was terrified. She put the mobile on the floor, unlocked it and called Ernest. “Ring… Ring… Ring…” It was ringing but no one picked up. It was dark outside, she didn’t know the time and it was heavy pour outside. The sound of rain continued non-stop. It overlapped all the other noise or sound. Florence became even more terrified and hopeless

He couldn’t care much. He covered Florence with a huge jacket and ran in the rain. He was all soaked within seconds, he ran quickly in the rain, creating splashes of water with his barefoot

. He didn’t care about the coldness or the pain on his soles. The heavy rain leaked through the jacket and fell on Florence’s face, it was cold and made her looked even paler, but she showed no emotion. Her eyes were tightly shut as if she was asleep. But it wasn’t ordinary sleep, there was no sign of breathing… “Florence!” Ernest looked at her and shouted while walking through the rain. "You promised to marry me, we have not married yet, you can’t break your promise again, you lied to me before. ” He yelled in pain and fear of losing her. Ernest had never experienced emotion like this, he felt like he was not his usual self. However, the person in his arms was like a doll, lying silently without response. He feared, that he couldn’t make it. Ernest’s residence was neither far nor close to Collins’s, he had to pass through a few yards and it usually took less than twenty minutes walked but he felt like he had been walking for decades. He didn’t know how long it had passed before he entered Collin’s yard. He couldn’t think straight and kicked open the door. Collin’s door was built using high-quality material but his kick was strong enough to destroy it. Collin thought robbers entered his house and woke up shockingly. He didn’t even have time to put on close and walked out from the room wearing only a panty. “Who is the bastard dare to demolished my door?” “Save Florence!” Ernest walked straight into the hall with Florence in his arms and commanded in anger. Collin had a weird temperament. It was always others that begging for him for treatment and it depends on his mood of the day whether to say yes or no, but there was never someone who commanded him