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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 184: Special Day

Florence had no idea how she came out from the Fraser family’s house. Her footsteps were like floating in the mid-air. She moved forward step by step as if there was only darkness waiting for her in front. She was confused, didn’t know where she was heading to. Indeed, she had lost her home. Now she had nowhere to go. She once again became an orphan, a vagrant. “Pak--” Raindrops fell from the sky, one after another. As big as beans, she felt hurt when they smashed on her body. It rained heavier and heavier in an instant. Soon it would become a downpour. Florence was standing at the gate. Touching her face, she found it was wet but she didn’t know whether because of the tears or the rain. Looking up at the sky and the rain lines, she felt quite desolate. She was so miserable -- just now she became homeless, and now she became a drowned rat. Florence felt quite a pain in her heart. She didn’t care about anything and was about to walk forward in the rain. After all, she was dumped. No matter if she was caught in the rain or got a fever, no one would care about her. At this moment, a big black umbrella appeared on top of her head, immediately protecting her from the downpour. She looked along the slender arm that was holding the umbrella handle, only to see Ernest’s extremely handsome face. He was staring at her deeply, and his good-looking brows were slightly creased, looking quite worried about her. “No matter how sad you feel, you can’t walk in the rain. ” His voice was quite low and his tone was like giving a command. As he spoke, he reached out to put his arm in her shoulder, giving her an embrace. His tall and strong body was like a have to protect her from the store, blocking all the raindrops and wind for her. Florence gaped at him. Feeling the warmth from his body, her frozen heart had a trace of warmth as well. “Why are you here?” Ernest walked outside with Florence in his arms. He answered, “I didn’t leave at all. ” He was waiting for her outside all the time. He was in the small garden, and when Florence came out in a bad mood, she didn’t pay attention to him. Florence was surprised. Then she felt frightened and embarrassed. Since he hadn’t left and it was such a loud fight in the house just now, she was worried that he had already heard everything. Then he must have known that she had been kicked out of the Fraser family. Feeling as if another handful of salt was sprinkled on her wound, Florence felt extremely down. Lowering her head, tears welled up in her eyes. She reached out and was about to push Ernest. “I want to have a walk alone. ” Feeling Florence’s action, Ernest tightened his arms that wrapped around Florence’s shoulder, holding her more tightly to prevent her from struggling. He strode and forced Florence to walk towards his car parked outside

”“Why not? I need to go to work. ”“There’s a banquet tonight. I want you to attend it with me as my date

. ”A banquet? The banquets that Ernest went to must be quite high-end, and also usually they were quite bored. Florence had never liked to attend such occasions that she needed to socialize with the upper-class while wearing a wry smile. Without any hesitation, she shook her head, “No, I’d better not go. Please find another lady to be your date. ”Ernest’s eyes were darkened. Gazing at Florence, he said in a determined tone, “You are the only one who deserves to be my date. ”Florence looked into his deep eyes, and her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. They were so close to each other. With such a handsome face, he said such ambiguous words to her, which made him so seductive to her. It was still the early morning, and now Ernest was luring her. Florence felt flustered and moved backward. Then she turned around and hopped off the bed. Feeling a bit embarrassed, she said, “All right. I’ll go with you. ”Now she was his nominal fiancee, so she guessed that it was what he meant by she deserved it. Receiving the confirmation from Florence, Ernest felt a bit relaxed. Then he got off from the bed and walked to the cloakroom. “I’ve prepared a dress for you. ”Ernest pulled the door of the cloakroom open. Florence saw a red dress hanging in the center of the cloakroom, stunning and dazzling, quite beautiful. Florence was a designer, but at the first glance, she was still stunned by the dress. “This is a tailored dress from Ms. Michelle. It arrived yesterday. ”Ernest stared deeply at Florence with meaningful emotion in his eyes. He asked in a low voice, “Do you like it?”Ms. Michelle was the most famous fashion designer in the world. He would never design a dress casually. For so many years, he had never designed a tailored dress for anyone else. Much to Florence’s surprise, Ms. Michelle designed a dress for her. Florence felt extremely flattered. She nodded, “Yes. Of course, I do. ”She walked to the dress joyfully, as devout as if she was worshiping a masterpiece from her idol. As she walked, she asked, “Why did you order such a valuable dress for me deliberately? Is there anything special with tonight’s banquet?”Ernest’s expression slightly changed. On his aloof face, a trace of embarrassment suddenly appeared