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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 567: Stab Him if He Is Not Dead

“Fuck off!” When she almost blacked out, Florence heard a voice that was different from others who wanted to kill her. She thought she was dreaming. She wondered who the man was. Judging from his voice, she felt quite familiar. In difficulty, she opened her eyes. Through the space between her fingers, she saw the tall and strong figure walking towards her under the sunlight. He pushed the onlookers away and stood in front of her. Frowning deeply, he squatted down. He said in a tender tone that made her heart tremble, “I’ll take you away. ” As he spoke, he lifted Florence from the ground and carried her in his arms tightly. Florence was still blurred. As if she was dreaming, she looked at the familiar look and outline of his face. Her lips trembled. She asked, “Are you. are you Ernest?” “Ernest is not the only hero who could save the beauty,” the man said disdainfully, “Besides, do I look like Ernest a lot?” Hearing his teasing tone, Florence recognized that it was Clarence. How could it be Clarence to save her? Florence’s eyes twinkled. Her excited heart suddenly sank. His face wasn’t disguised by Ernest. He was not Ernest. However, she disdained herself. It was uncertain that if Ernest was still alive. How could she expect that he would appear and save her from hell as if he were a god from heaven? Seeing that Florence’s face dimmed, Clarence frowned unhappily. “Florence, after all, for saving you, I broke into such a dangerous place. Could you at least pretend to be grateful for me, please?” Florence choked up. She indeed appreciated his help. Just that she was so fragile now, so she only concentrated on the matter that she cared about the most. She hadn’t shown her gratitude to him yet. While they were talking, the onlookers pushed away returned to their senses. Pointing at Clarence’s nose, they snapped, “This bitch is a murderer. You’d better mind your own business. Put her down!” “Right! Put her down. Or, we’ll beat you up, too. ” They were cursing at them, looking quite angry. Clarence looked at Florence up and down. Seeing how miserable she looked, he pulled a long face. His eyes became fierce. If he hadn’t been here coincidentally, those onlookers would have beaten Florence to death, wouldn’t they? Those stupid onlookers didn’t know the truth but they wanted to beat her to death. Did they think they were God? Clarence held Florence tightly

Florence frowned deeply, feeling extremely reluctant. However, she had no other choice. Clarence and her, together with the homeless, couldn’t win against those maids

. Immediately, Florence said decisively, “Hurry up and leave!”Clarence stopped his pace. After casting a complicated glance at Benjamin, he turned around with Florence in his arms, speeding up to escape in a different direction. While he was trotting to leave, he yelled, “Beat the man on the wheelchair. Whoever kills him will get a hundred million!”Upon hearing it, the homeless became excited. Dumping those onlookers, they raised the sticks, rushed to Benjamin, and started beating him. The maid acted quickly to kick out those surrounded tramps. However, immediately, another three tramps rushed to Benjamin again. Their targets were quite accurate, directly beating Benjamin. “You all are seeking for death!” the maid snapped in anger. Acting quickly, she kicked away two tramps. However, she failed to block the other three. Right at the crucial moment, she could only pounce at Benjamin protectively and get hit. The stick fell right on her head. Immediately, her forehead bled. The maid saw black. Before she could react, she was hit by the sticks several times. She almost puked blood in anger. However, she couldn’t do anything but only protect Benjamin with her own body. Those tramps had already lost their minds. Since they couldn’t hit Benjamin, they started poking him with the sticks. Benjamin was already seriously injured in the explosion. Immediately, his scars cracked. His body started bleeding. His eyes were still closed, but his body was slightly twitched. Blood slowly flew out of his mouth. The maid was so panicked, letting out a heartrending cry, “Young Master!”Other maids rushed to them as soon as possible, only to find Benjamin soaked in blood. Almost all of their hearts sank. “Hurry up! Save Young Master!”The scene was chaotic. Those maids were almost scared to death. All they could care about was Benjamin. They couldn’t spare any energy to chase Clarence and Florence at all. Clarence seemed to be quite familiar with the neighborhood. In the chaos, he took a lane with Florence in his arms. Then he made a few turns and left that street.