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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 229: Standing for a Whole Night

Ernest pressed his lips and waved at the hotel staff. “You can leave now. ” “Yes, Mr. Hawkins. If you need any help, please call me at any time. ” After finishing his words respectfully, the hotel staff pushed the trolley to leave. Silence came back to the corridor. Watching the hotel staff leave and go far, Timothy breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at his boss in respect. “Mr. Hawkins, you were so smart to have the foresight, so you knocked at the door next room and hid in. How did you know that Ms. Fraser would come out to check?” Under the circumstance just now, Timothy hadn’t expected that Florence would come out so suddenly. Ernest looked not so irritated as he did just now. He explained, “The hotel staff just now was way too nervous. He kept glancing at me. Florence is always a careful woman. It’s easy for her to find something fishy. ” It was not only because he has foresight, but also he knew Florence quite well. Timothy was enlightened. Right then, a young couple came out from the room next door. Now they were dressed up with the luggage in their hands. The man said to Ernest respectfully, “Mr. Hawkins, we’ve packed our belongings. Please go ahead and move in. ” Just now, they were having sex in the room. Suddenly, someone knocked at their door. The young man was originally quite angry, but when he saw that it was Ernest who was standing at the door, he calmed down. Hence, when Ernest required them to leave the room to him, they immediately agreed. Ernest was a worldwide celebrity. It was their fortune to meet him in person. Since they could do him a favor, they might have the chance to become rich or powerful in the future. Nobody would be willing to lose such a good chance. “OK. ” Ernest nodded. After glancing at Florence’s door deeply, he walked into the room. The couple left and Timothy followed Ernest in. It was a big room, but not a president suite. The decoration wasn’t bad, but it was too shabby compared with the rooms that Ernest usually stayed in. Besides, the young couples had stayed here earlier. Although he couldn’t see anything, Timothy knew there were traces everywhere in this room. He looked around the room, creasing his brows. “Mr. Hawkins, may I check in another room for you, please?” “No, thanks. This one would be fine. ” Ernest strode over to the balcony

How could this be? Mr. Hawkins’ would be sick if he went on like this. “Excuse me, Mr

. Hawkins. ” Timothy hurriedly walked to the balcony, looking at Ernest in worry. He could see Ernest’s handsome face looked quite haggard. Timothy said with concerns, “Mr. Hawkins, I’ve prepared breakfast. Please have some. ” The temperature in Riverside City differed a lot during the daytime and night. It was quite cold at night. Timothy wanted Ernest to keep warm by having some food. However, Ernest shook his head slightly and refused him. “No, thank you. ”Timothy still insisted. “But. ”“Almost time for work now. Prepare the dishes that Florence always has for breakfast and ask someone to deliver them to her. ”All he cared about was still Florence at this time. Timothy’s lips parted. He wanted to ask why Ernest would do that. Ms. Fraser didn’t know it at all. Did it make any sense?However, when the words reached the tip of his tongue, Timothy didn’t speak them out. He just did what he was told to do. Shortly, the dining trolley was pushed into Florence’s room again. When it was pushed out, the trolley was empty. It seemed that at least she was eating and still had the appetite. Hence, Ernest felt a bit rest assured. At the same time, he felt quite depressed. It seemed that she left the hotel just because she never wanted to see him again. He wondered if she would go back to work in the hotel. He guessed that probably she wouldn’t. Ernest creased his brows. He couldn’t let her stay in another hotel alone, which was too dangerous. After a thought, he pulled out his cell phone and called Erica. The call was connected and Erica’s voice was heard. “Hello, who is it please?”“It’s me, Ernest Hawkins. ”Ernest’s voice was a bit hoarse. At the other end of the line, Erica was already stiffened. She had never expected that Mr. Hawkins would call her. She immediately sobered up and straightened her body. She asked respectfully, “Mr. Hawkins, this is Erica speaking. What can I do for you?”