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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 304: Stanford Fraser

Ernest attracted all of Georgia’s attention and she walked to the bed anxiously. “Ernest, oh my poor Ernest. ” She held up Ernest’s hand with tears welling up in her eyes. “Doctor, how’s he?” “Madame Hawkins, please rest assured. Mr. Hawkins was out of danger now and he will recover after a period of recuperation. ” The doctor replied patiently and let out a sigh of relief. If not for Collin’s sudden arrival, they would not be able to save Ernest. In that way, they would also suffer. One of the doctors couldn’t help but sigh emotionally, “Mr. Chapman is really outstanding. He’s so young, but he has made extraordinary achievements in medicine. It’s safe to say that he pulled Mr. Hawkins out of the hell just now. I will die without regret for I got the rare change to witness his operation just now. ” They were all world-famous doctors and were all leading persons in their professions. However, in front of Collin, they were like elementary school students and they all thought that they knew a little. They were much inferior to Collin. Seeing that all the doctors were complimenting Collin, the Hawkins felt bitterness in heart and didn’t dare to say anything else. Georgia finally rested assured. She grabbed Ernest’s hand and gave an order, “Send him to the ward. Have you arranged someone to watch him?” The old butler immediately replied, “Yes, Madame. ” Georgia then escorted Ernest to the ward. She felt comforted when looking at Ernest’s pale face, but there was a touch complicated emotions in her eyes. She never expected that Collin would show up here. Moreover, Collin’s relationship with Florence made her vigilant. She had a hunch that this was not that simple. … Florence felt that she had a long dream. A scene appeared again and again in her dream – Ernest pushed her away and was hit by a car. The scene soon became bloody and she held Ernest in her arms, only to feel his body getting cold little by little. A person reached out to pull her up from the ground, “Let go of him. He had died. ” He had died! No! Florence was reluctant to accept that and screamed hysterically. She abruptly opened her eyes. She then saw a ceiling that was engraved with European-style pattern. The room was bright, which was quite different from the bloody scene in her dream. Yep, it was simply a dream. Florence pulled herself together and quickly became sober

Although she had a feeling that this man was extraordinary, her major and only concern at the moment was Ernest. Florence didn’t want to waste the time anymore and hurriedly walked downstairs. Looking at Florence’s back, Stanford shook his head helplessly

. Was he too late?It seemed like Florence had fallen for that man. “Ernest has woken up and he’s safe and sound. I will ask my man to send you here. Don’t be so anxious and mind your steps. ”Stanford reminded her, his voice full of helplessness and concern. Florence ran to the gate of the luxurious house. Two maids standing at the gate respectfully opened the door for her. Florence ran out of the gate nonstop. When she ran to the steps, she found that there was an ordinary car. Florence was a bit stunned. She subconsciously thought that the owner of this luxurious house would arrange a luxurious car for her, just like Ernest did before. But the ordinary car gave her a feeling that this luxurious house was rented. Nonetheless, Florence didn’t have the mood to probe into this matter now. She pulled open the car door and got on the car. She then said anxiously, “Send me to the First Hospital of City N, please. ”“Wow, you’re really anxious. Are you sure that you want to go to the hospital with such a look?”The driver was not in a hurry to start the car. He turned around and studied Florence from top to toe with a teasing attitude. Florence then noticed that Collin was the driver. Her temples throbbed. She finally realized that it was not that the owner of this luxurious house could only afford an ordinary car; it was that Collin had a quirk – no matter how rich he was, he preferred ordinary products, for instance, the farm house and the car he was driving now. Collin’s lines of sights made Florence feel uncomfortable. It was like there was something dirty on her body. Florence originally didn’t want to waste any time. But under such gaze, she frowned and looked down at herself. Then her face became crimson red. Someone had changed her clothes and she was wearing a sleeveless sleeping dress now. Moreover, she didn’t wear a bra. “Don’t look at me. ”Florence felt embarrassed and screamed, her hands covering her breasts. Oh, it was really embarrassing. She was so anxious just now and wanted to have a look at Ernest as soon as possible, and she didn’t realize what she was wearing. Who the hell had changed her clothes?!