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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 627: Starting Casting the Net

The gray-haired elder rushed out of the study, heading towards the place where Benjamin was imprisoned. Although that was still part of the Turner family’s territory, it was provided to Stanford now. Hence, the Turner family’s bodyguards were still standing there. The gray-haired elder walked forward. On halfway, he saw Stanford and Collin from afar. He wondered what Collin was doing here but not in his lab. Had the examination result had come out? The gray-haired elder’s heart suddenly jumped to his throat, breathing nervously. He sped up and walked over to them. When he was getting closer, he faintly overheard their conversation. “Stanford, are you really going to hide it from Ernest?” ‘Hide it?’ the words were reechoed in the gray-haired elder’s mind. Upon hearing the key information, the gray-haired elder paused his paces, his eyes darkened. Without thinking twice, he hid behind the flowers in the corridor. He stood upright, eavesdropping on their conversation with a solemn look. Obviously, Stanford and Collin didn’t notice him. They kept walking leisurely forward while talking. Stanford said, “He has saved Flory’s life. I must help him. ” Colin sounded hesitant, “But, isn’t it improper to deceive the Turners? This would also cause the reputation of the Fraser family. ” Stanford said determinedly, “For Flory, it’s worth doing anything. ” Collin hesitated for a moment and finally nodded in agreement. He said, “Okay. I’ll tell the Turners that Ernest’s birth ability hasn’t been ruined completely. He could still be cured. ” The gray-haired elder suddenly widened his eyes, feeling furious. Stanford and Collin wanted to deceive the Turner family! How bold they were! He cursed them angrily. At the same time, he felt quite fortunate - Ernest didn’t have the birth ability anymore, so Benjamin could be rescued then. He didn’t think that Master would ignore Benjamin in this case. As long as they sent the Frasers away, they would check Ernest up again. In that case, Ernest still couldn’t be the heir of the family. Thinking of that, the gray-haired man believed that the most important matter now was to inform Benjamin of such good news and ask him to hold on. He must hold on until they came to rescue him. Hiding behind the flowers, the gray-haired elder stood motionlessly, waiting for Stanford and Collin to walk away. They didn’t walk fast, but they didn’t walk slowly either. Shortly after that, they were about to leave here. Faintly, the gray-haired elder heard Collin’s voice, “Will you still agree Flory marry Ernest in this case?” “I’ve never agreed to let them be together since the very beginning. ” Stanford sounded quite determined. Collin added, “But, Flory would never give up

Then I’ll let you in. ”The gray-haired elder frowned deeply, feeling so furious. How he wished that he could throw a punch on Addison’s face!He hated Addison to the core!Under the current circumstance, he couldn’t fall out with the Fraser family

. He must rescue Benjamin in private. Hence, he tried his best to suppress the fury. With a darkened face, he said, “You’d better call Stanford Fraser now, asking if I still have his words and if I can go to see Benjamin now. ”Addison hesitated for a moment. Then he pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Stanford’s private number. The call wasn’t connected until a long while later. Addison asked respectfully on the phone, “Hello, Mr. Fraser. Master Aldrich of the Turner family wants to see Benjamin Turner now. Shall I let him in?”As soon as he finished asking, the gray-haired elder suddenly reached out and grabbed his phone. He said, “Mr. Fraser, you’ve promised me that the Turners could come to see Benjamin. ”On the other end of the line, Stanford answered in a cold tone, “Wait until I go back. ”“Mr. Fraser, it’s almost time now. The examination result from Mr. Campbell will be available soon, right? I came here on the behalf of the master of our Turner family. We want to see if Benjamin is still all right before the result is announced. Just to avoid. ”The gray-haired elder deliberately lowered his voice and continued, “If Ernest Hawkins’ condition isn’t good, someone would come to kill Benjamin for self-protection. In that case, Mr. Fraser, your plan to torture Benjamin would be in vain. ”On the surface, he was quite considerate to Stanford. However, he was threatening Stanford secretly. He believed that his words also implied what Stanford was worried about. Since Ernest’s health condition wasn’t good, Stanford and Collin must be on the way to announce the examination result to the Turners. If the gray-haired elder was in presence, he must question them about the result in disbelief. If the result were real, Stanford and Collin wouldn’t be afraid. However, the liars would always feel guilty. After a moment of silence, Stanford raised his voice and said, “If you are worried about him, just go ahead. ”