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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 589: Staying by His Side

As she looked around, she saw that the balloons were fluttering. Most of them were heading to the corridor of the back garden as if they were being pulled. They flew along the corridor one by one. With a twinkle in her eye, Florence hesitated for a moment. She then immediately followed the balloons, trotting towards outside the corridor quickly. Outside the corridor was a small garden, and there was a fountain pool in the middle of the garden. And the one standing in front of the pool was the brightest view in the world. Florence halted, dumbfounded, looking at him. Her eyes turned red suddenly, and she felt like having a lump in her throat. She was so excited and happy that she nearly wept. It was him. It was Ernest. He was wearing a handsome suit, standing in front of the fountain under the sun, with a beautiful bouquet of roses in his hand. He was gazing intensely at her with great affection, beaming. He spoke softly, and his low voice was so attractive and charming. “Florence, I’m sorry for making you worry. ” It was really him. It was his voice. It was indeed Ernest. Florence was so excited that she burst into tears. She covered her mouth with her hand, shaking her head. There was no need to be sorry. As long as he was awake and was here with her, it was better than anything else. Ernest smiled gently, “Florence, I kept listening to your voice when I was in a coma. I’ve listened to everything that you said to me every day. I always wanted to wake up to respond to you. ” Florence looked at him with teary eyes, and she left with a lump in her throat. However, she was overjoyed in her heart. When Ernest was in a coma for the past few days, she had been rambling on about this by his ear. It was all a mess that even she couldn’t remember what she had said. She had never hoped that he would hear her, but she didn’t expect him to be there with her all the time. Florence choked up and said, “Am I too wordy?” Ernest pursed his lips and smiled, holding the roses in one hand and opening his arms to her

She was about to repent, but before she could say anything, she heard him say in a low voice, “You still have to stay by my side to take care of me. I still can’t take care of myself yet. ” Florence was speechless

. She looked at Ernest incredulously, and only then did she realize that he was not in pain at all. Instead, he was clearly taking advantage of the opportunity to make a scoundrel’s offer. After he had just sobered up, he was even able to dress himself up looking handsome and also arranged for such a pile of rose petals and balloons. He was simply recovering well and in good shape. However, Florence didn’t want to refuse Ernest’s request even though she had seen through his tricks. It was rare that he would act shamelessly and have a childish side in front of her. Florence was messy inside, but she nodded solemnly. “Okay. I’ll stay by your side to take care of you until you’re fully healed. ”Ernest smirked in triumph as he lowered his head, with his handsome face close to hers. They were so close that even Florence could feel his warm breath on her face as he spoke. His voice was low and ambiguous, “Stay by my side, and don’t sleep on the couch tonight. ”Florence’s eyes snapped wide. Ernest revealed a cunning smile, with his arms around Florence’s waist, keeping her close to him. “We’ll sleep in the bed together. ”They would be sharing the same bed. Florence blushed, looking at Ernest with a twinkle in her eye. He had just woken up, and all he could think about was this!It turned out that everything about staying by his side to take care of him was all fake. His primary purpose was to have Florence stayed by his side, tricking her into sleeping with him. Florence said shyly, “Ernest, your injuries aren’t healed yet. Can you be more reserved?”“You were the one who promised to stay by my side and take care of me. Now it’s too late to back out. ”Ernest chuckled, and he was so overbearing. “But you… umm!”Before Florence could retort, Ernest suddenly kissed her, not even giving her the chance to argue anymore. Florence widened her eyes, looking at him blankly, with her face blushing, making her heart beat wildly instantly. Her whole body went limp, and she was bewildered, having no idea what to do. Her mind went blank, and his kiss was the only thing making her heart fluttering.